Train derails at Penryn Station

Written by Jacob Jaffa |

Derailed train at Penryn Station
Photo: Twitter/@FF_Diabir

A Great Western Railway train derailed yesterday afternoon at Penryn station, leading to the cancellation of all trains between Truro and Falmouth Docks for that day.

In what was described by National Rail as a “low speed derailment”. The front carriage of the 12:34 train from Falmouth Docks to Truro slid across the track and derailed at around 12:50 as it pulled in at Penryn.

Emergency services were present at the scene within four minutes but established that the train was upright and that appropriate safety measures had been put in place by the train staff and so departed by 13:00.

The fire service later confirmed that no passengers were injured in the incident.

The train was carrying around 30 passengers all of whom were safely evacuated onto the platform.

Replacement bus services were offered, with passengers able to use their ticket on any T1, T2, U1 or U2 bus.

Further to this, taxis were provided to move passengers on to their final destinations in a timely manner.

The train was cleared from the tracks early on Tuesday morning after specialist engineers worked overnight.

There is now an hourly service operating on the line, while replacement buses are also running to supplement the reduced service.  

Tickets also continue to be accepted on the local buses.