The rescue mission to save Falmouth sailor stranded at sea

Written by Annissa Warsame | 


A rescue mission has been launched to save the Falmouth yachtswoman Susie Goodall, after being stranded in the pacific ocean for two days. The Chilean equivalent of the coastguards “tasked another ship… [a] 38,000 ton Hong Kong registered bulk carrier MV Tian Fu bound from China to Modran, Argentina, to go to her aid”.

They were due to arrive today at 5 in the morning but due to poor weather conditions, there is an approximately 2 hour delay with the “latest ETA… [as] 072100 UTC.”

Pictured: Susie Goodall | Twitter: @SusieBgoodall

What happened?

Susie Goodall, 29 and hailing from Falmouth, was participating in the Golden Globe race before being caught in a vicious storm in the Southern Pacific Ocean, this Wednesday.

Goodall, the youngest and only female competitor, set sail from Les Sables d’Olonne, France on 1st July 2018- the race was estimated to last around 300 days.

But on day 157 of the race, a distress signal was picked up- by the Falmouth Coastguards- from Goodall after her yacht, DHL Starlight, capsized and she was knocked unconscious. Goodall was 2,000 miles west from Cape Horn, a chilean headland.

Goodall has been sailing since she was three, growing up in the West Midlands (she has since moved to Falmouth), in a family of avid sailors.

Adding that since she “was young, all holidays were spent sailing and my weekends were taken up racing Lasers”.

Goodall’s family, overwhelmed by the support and international coverage, released a statement last night reading:

“She managed to get a few hours sleep last night but is struggling to eat or drink. Because of the damage on deck, water is making its way into the boat. The bilge fills every hour, but she can easily pump it out.

“She deployed her sea anchor to help keep the boat steady, but it’s not easy in choppy seas without a mast.”

For Goodall, even though she had to wait two days for rescue and after being forced to pull out of the race- from fourth place, in fact- she remains high-spirited, regularly texting race control- and tweeting publicly- light-hearted updates: