10 Songs To Get You Into The Festive Spirit

Written by Noah M. Abbot |


It’s Christmas time! That means Christmas trees strung up with tinsel, ornaments, and multi-coloured lights. It means watching Christmas movies under a blanket. It means it’s the time of year where most of us students will return home to see our families or go out to experience things we don’t have time for during the academic year.

On top of this, Christmas and wintertime come with a very unique music set. I chose ten of my personal favourites for this list, but I hope there is something for everyone.


#10: Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson


This melodious tune is a soft-spoken piece. Ingrid Michaelson, assisted by Sara Bareilles, sings a beautiful song about being apart during the holidays, that winter just isn’t quite right without her love.

Give the song a listen during your travels to remind yourself there is always someone calling you home.


#9: I’ll Be Home by Meghan Trainor


Following Winter Song is the response: that many of us travel back to our families and loved ones. It’s a wondrous representation of the value we place in being with family during the end of the year. “I’ll find my back home/ And light up every tree/ We will hang our stockings for you/ And one for me,” Meghan Trainor’s voice serenades, and meshed with the piano it creates a beautiful song for the holidays.



#8: Little Drummer Boy


I’ll admit something. I am a really big fan of this song, but I had a dilemma about including it in this list because I’ve heard so many good versions of the song and I don’t know which one(s) to put in.

What I did was compile a list of three different versions of the song for variety and I’ll leave it to the listeners to decide whom to go with. The choices I picked were: Josh Groban — an eloquent melody so mastered by Groban (with a few bagpipes, marching drum, and acoustic guitar); Pentatonix — anyone familiar with this group knows exactly what they are listening to, an acapella masterpiece; finally, For King & Country (Live) — this is the most rock-based song, but don’t let it fool you, For King & Country’s various instrumentals are a powerfully moving sound.




#7: True Love by Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande brings her pop style and vocal abilities to perfect this song about being in love during the Christmas time. There are not many Christmas songs performed by artists like Grande who maintain their unique sound so effectively within the song.



#6: Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano


This is a classic Christmas song. Full of merry melody and sung by someone who has a passion for singing happy tunes to people stood at their doorsteps, the diverse instruments each bring out the classic sound of wishing people a merry Christmas.



#5: Christmas Light by Coldplay


It’s unrealistic to think that all people will have merry Christmas, and Coldplay’s tale of brokenness on Christmas night is a sound reminder that this is also a time of strain and struggle.

“Those Christmas lights light up the street

Maybe they’ll bring her back to me

Then all my troubles will be gone

Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on.”

We can only wish everyone happiness and do our best to help those we see struggling.



#4: Mistletoe by Justin Bieber


Using just some bells and an acoustic guitar, Justin Bieber brings to your ears a song about just one thing: love. This song is just a reminder that Christmas is about being with your love and enjoying the moments you have with them “under the mistletoe”.



#3: All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey


Most likely, you’ve heard this song. It is one of the most played Christmas songs in the US and UK, and for a good reason, too. Carey’s vocals are so strong and melodious that you need not hear anything else. The pace and the flow of the song are varied and rely on the piano, bells, and drums to provide the majority of the instrumentals. Overall, it will live on, because it just simply represents what so many people are about during this time of the year.



#2: Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens


This a reliable Christmas classic where Stevens’ piano sound and vocals provide a rhythm and the mellow bells provide the jingle that just makes you want to move. The introduction of the saxophone for the instrumental solo is a sound that is missed in most modern songs.


#1: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Michael Bublé


It’s Michael Bublé, everyone. He is the singing master. The song features a saxophone intro, mild electric guitar solo, drums, bells, trumpets, and the piano in the background. It’s a wonderful full volume song that floods the ears with a chaotic beauty. Bublé provides all the lyrics that you need in the song without being particularly wordy and not over-emphasizing his voice. “Pretty lights on the tree/ I’m watching them shine/ You should be here with me/ Baby please come home,” sings the melodious Bublé.



That concludes my Top 10 Christmas songs. Although if you’d like something completely different, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has lots of great orchestrated pieces, Barenaked Ladies Christmas album is quite varied in sounds and enjoyable to listen to and Pentatonix multitude of Christmas songs are brilliant.