Ducks, Stars & Strangers: Walking Falmouth After Dark

Written by Kristýna Hřivnáčová |



You know those evenings when your head feels like your thoughts are playing lottery, pretending to be the yellow numbered balls whirring around, bumping off each other and off the sides of their confines? And you would love to get some sleep, but your brain just won’t keep quiet—that’s the perfect time for a walk. Sure you could just aimlessly wander around, but if you’d like to visit some nice places, here’s a plan for your late night walk.


“Sure you could just aimlessly wander around, but if you’d like to visit some nice places, here’s a plan for your late night walk.”


If you have a penchant for conjuring up horror stories in your head, like I do, there’s the Falmouth Cemetery, namely the entrance on Tarmac Road. The concrete viewpoint by the gate gives an amazing view of the Swanpool beach, and the rows of gravestones along with the unlit road that disappears among the trees create the spookiest vibes in Fal. (The exception, of course, being Club I. Club I is definitely the most terrifying place in the town.)

While you’re there, it would be a pity not to walk down to the reservoir. Don’t be scared by the rustling when you hit the water, it’s just the ultimate de-stress activity getting excited at the sight of you—ducks. And sometimes swans (which would make sense, wouldn’t it, since it’s called Swan-Pool).


Photo by Angharad Treasure.


But for real though, who doesn’t miss sitting at the edge of the water, throwing bits and pieces of food and watching the birds swim closer to happily devour everything? They are always excited to see you, and choosing waterfowl over humans for company means nobody will interrupt you when you speak; it’s a win-win.

N.B: bread is not great as bird feed . If you’d like to provide something healthier, take corn, peas, or grapes; or anything listed in here.


From Swanpool, your path beings to weave along the coast to the Gylly Beach (be careful if it had been raining, the path may be slippery). I strongly suggest taking a quick pitstop to just build a sandcastle. Most of us get through uni via typing and drawing—using your hands in a more primitive way does wonders for a tired brain.

Now, if you’re keen for to join the long haul- and if the weather is with you- go to the Pendennis Point. Quite honestly, nothing beats the view from there, be it the full moon or the sky glistening with hundreds of thousands of stars.

Pro tip: you can download the Star Chart app to find out what stars you’re staring at—from Dolphin to Cassiopeia, they are all waiting to be discovered.


“Have you ever – after watching musicals like La La Land – thought about what it would be like to dance through the city?”


Now let’s venture somewhat closer to civilisation. Have you ever – after watching musicals like La La Land – thought about what it would be like to dance through the city? The Discovery Quay by Maritime Museum isn’t exactly a whole town, but the open space does allow quite a bit of movement.

So if you have earphones, headphones, just your phone, or if you feel like singing, take the opportunity and dish out your best moves. At three in the morning, your chances of getting spotted are very low (except for the CCTV, I suppose; then you’re making somebody’s night much more entertaining).

The road will then take you past the Harbour Lights to the Custom House Quay. Not only is the place mercifully calm, you can also meet other people taking advantage of the little roofed place on the pier.

Last time I went out like this, I met Publick Nuisance (and yep that is how he spells his name). With a drum to collect money into, he was about to play on the main street and afterwards make his way to Penzance and then Oxford. And his guitar had fairy lights built-in to draw in more attention. Genius, right?

Nearing Club I, you could possibly chat to people, too, but honestly, it might be too loud for a walk tailored to calm one down. Then comes the final destination, the Prince of Wales Pier. Contrary to day-hours, the benches are usually all empty so just take your pick and enjoy the town lights for a moment before finding your way back to bed.


Photo by Angharad Treasure.


And there you are! If a time comes when you need to get out of your room and head, take a walk—and don’t forget to take the corn for the ducks!


PS: If you go out this late, try to make sure somebody knows you went, always dress warmly and have your phone fully charged. Falmouth might not be a hotbed for criminal activity, but then you never know what can happen.