Special Advent Calendars of 2018

Written by Alice Page |


Advent Calendars have really stepped their game up in recent years by diverting from the traditional chocolate that we are used to, to a wide variety of alternatives. Now they are offering nearly anything that tickles your fancy more than Cadbury’s. There are toy-filled calendars for children and boozy calendars for those wanting to say, ‘it’s fine, it’s Christmas’ at least once a day. However, some of these can be pricey. Luckily, stores such as Iceland and Lidl are offering a range of fun and food calendars.


Lidl’s DIY Toolkit advent calendar has been well received this year as it is a perfect early Christmas present for any Dads or wannabe ‘handymen/woman’ in your life.


The Powerfix Profi Tool Kit Advent Calendar, Lidl, £19.99


Iceland are offering a range of alcoholic calendars such as Baileys, Smirnoff, and Gin. They have all been featured at prices between £5-£10. Baileys has released their own calendar costing £18: this includes chocolates and several miniature bottles.

                    Baileys Advent Calendar, Iceland, £18.00


Jewellery advent calendars have been more prevalent this year, with outlets like H&M releasing their own advent calendar for £24.99. This includes some adorable festive jewellery perfect for the younger shopper.

Jewellery Advent Calender, H&M, £24.99


Accessorize have revealed a charm bracelet calendar which helps you build a pretty bracelet throughout December for £15. But, if something more magical tickles your fancy, Asda have released a Harry Potter inspired advent calendar that includes twenty-four Harry Potter style trinkets as a charming alternative to chocolate.

Harry Potter and the Calendar of Secrets, Asda, £15


Let’s discuss beauty calendars. With every social influencer and Instagram blogger raving about the newest and coolest beauty advent calendars, we can’t help but pine after them –  no matter how loud our bank balance screams. However, there may be a way we can get our beauty fix every day without breaking the bank. Many affordable brands have released their own beauty calendars such as Sleek. This calendar lists the products on the back which may takes a little bit of the magic away, but it does mean you can judge whether or not you think the calendar is worth the £35 price tag. At £1.40 a product, I personally think it’s a steal.

Sleek MakeUp Can’t Wait Another Day Advent Calendar, Boots, £35


My favourite cheaper beauty calendar so far has been the Asos face and body advent calendar. It first caught my eye as it offers such a wide range of products and brands to try, not just makeup. Not only do you get a range of brands but there are several high-end brands, these include; Benefits hula bronzer, Bobbi brown mascara, Glamglow moisturiser and many more lux products. This calendar retails at £55 which – with the number of high-end names in there, along with the diverse range of products – I don’t see how you could be going wrong.

The ASOS Face + Body Advent Calendar, Asos, £55


There are many more out there to choose from. However, the calendars above hopefully show that you can jazz up your advent calendar and not break the bank.