Primark Sportswear Reigns Autumn/Winter

Written By Katie Horsgood |



With 2018 drawing to a rapid close and a new year on the horizon, we start to hear all the new year new me advocates. Ironic really, because who can honestly say that they’ve achieved their desired appearance during the ‘new year’ period.

Anyway, for those who actually commit to this- calling all those gym bunnies. Or for those who just like to chill in gym wear and pretend that they’re super fit, then I’ve found the place for you.

Assuming you’re (just about) surviving on a student budget, but still want to get in with this whole fitness-fad-thing then Primark is where it’s at. ‘Primark?!’I hear you ask…I’m telling you reader, this is the place to go for affordable, yet visually aesthetic and comfortable sportswear.

I whole heartedly support your hesitance, so the fashion team and I put a small ensemble of Primark activewear to the test. As can be seen, model; Vicky Horsey, a keen runner was photographed by Giles Holroyd.

While in the activewear, I asked Vicky a few questions regarding how comfortable she felt. Her first response was that she felt very sporty and she really liked the design. As a co-ord, the set looked very stylish and the loose fit black vest worn over the top is the perfect cover up for those not comfortable to brave just the sports bra-legging combo- don’t fret reader, I currently look like a potato, give it a few months, ‘new year, new me’ as they say.


“Vicky has recently run the Oxford half marathon so you’re definitely getting an expert opinion!”


Vicky also picked up on the fact that the gym gear was very breathable and enabled her maximum movement. Vicky has recently run the Oxford half marathon so you’re definitely getting an expert opinion!

With this all being said, what are you waiting for! Get those lululemon £100 leggings off your Christmas list and start browsing around your local primarni, I gurantee you they won’t disappoint.