So, It’s Not OK to Be White?

Written by Jacob Jaffa |

Australia as a nation has, to put it kindly, a tricky history with race relations. From the colonial origin of the modern Australian nation to the treatment of indigenous people there has been controversy plentiful. The recent focus on mass immigration, particularly from Asia and the Middle East, is only serving to increase tensions.

However, the left-wing of Australian Senate has shown its colours by rejecting a motion which only served to recognise and condemn the rise of anti-white racism and to state “it’s OK to be white”.


One Nation party leader, Pauline Hanson


The bill brought forward by Pauline Hanson, leader of the One Nation Party, was defeated by 31 votes to 28, despite government support, by a voting block of leftist crossbenchers and Labour and Green Party senators. The rejection of this bill by the left is foolish for three reasons.

Firstly, it fuels the movement and the ideology they so vehemently oppose. The slogan “it’s OK to be white” originated on the imageboard ‘4chan’. It was thought up by right-wing trolls to act as a “proof of concept” that a “harmless message” would cause a “massive media shitstorm”, according to its creators. The responses from both conventional and social media, with users and journalists branding the innocuous phrase as “racist” and “a hate crime”, show the slogan has fulfilled its purpose.

To me, it is utterly ridiculous that the left is so blindly, ideologically opposed to anything seemingly right-leaning and it is this sort of thing that makes them look stupid. Simply stating “it’s OK to be white” is not racist. In fact, it is fundamentally anti-racist – it reaffirms that, in an age where diversity and minorities are so heavily emphasised, we should not let our opposition to racism cause us to demonise one particular ethnic group. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened on the left.


“The left is so blindly, ideologically opposed to anything seemingly right-leaning and it is this sort of thing that makes them look stupid.”


Secondly, it is the left who have created the people they are trying to fight against. It is a wide-ranging misnomer that people like those in Charlottesville are in fact far-right. Many of them are neo-Nazis, supporters of an ideology which arguably has more in common with Communism and leftist collectivism, than it does with any genuine conservative/right-wing ideology. The only key ideological difference between Nazis and Communists is that the former bases their collectivism on ethno-nationalism and the latter of class groupings.


Charlottesville Rally


Indeed, the so-called ‘far-right’ of today actually originates from the left. The shameful implementation of identity politics over individualism in society today by viewing people as members of groups rather than individuals inevitably leads to tensions between them based along group lines. This is especially prevalent when the groups are based on ethnicity and sex which results in horrendous racism and sexism in both directions based on a victim narrative on both sides which fails to recognise empirical data.

Yet again the only difference between the left and the ‘far-right’ is that the former uses identity politics to favour various minorities while the latter has morphed into a reactionary ideology of white identity politics. Both are leftist ideologies and certainly do not adhere to real right-wing values of individual freedom and responsibility, small government and a balanced budget within a free market economy.


“The shameful implementation [by the left] of identity politics over individualism in society today inevitably leads to tensions between them based along group lines.”


Finally, the voting down of this bill only proves its sentiments to be worryingly accurate. It’s hard to dispute that, in a world where people somehow manage to believe that one cannot be racist to white people, anti-white racism is on the rise.

This is seen in cases such as that of Evergreen State College last year which declared a “Day of Absence” in which white students and professors were told not to come to attend as well as the racial segregation of the already ridiculous ‘safe spaces’ at the University of Michigan by Students4Justice, refusing to allow white students, even those who agreed with them, into their meetings.

Disregarding the fact that safe spaces are hellish echo-chambers where free speech goes to die, refusing to allow someone into school or into a meeting based solely upon the colour of their skin is undeniably racist and unacceptable, especially at tax-payer funded universities such as those two examples.


The Australian House of Representatives


The fact that now the Australian government are even apologising for their members supporting the bill and blaming it on an “administrative error” is a worrying indication that this sort of racism will not only be tolerated but enforced.

Overall, the left is slowly eating itself with its reductive and racist rhetoric. In doing so it is ingraining prejudice in society and in law, slowly narrowing the boundaries of free speech and thought, until we get to a point like this week. It seems that in Australia, as with the rest of the world, it is becoming less and less OK to be white.