Winter Beauty Essentials

Written by Alice Page |


With winter fast approaching we can see the beauty shelves switch from sun cream and body oil, to moisture masks and hand creams. Winter brings the cold weather, and with the cold comes dry skin. As such, it’s in brands’ best intentions to stock our shelves with all the super-moisturising balms and creams we can get our cracked knuckles on. The beauty market offers a wide range of new, seasonal products with an even wider price range. As a student- writing for students- in Falmouth, I want to focus on the more reasonably priced side of beauty.

1. Garnier Face Masks are to die for


Garnier has recently released two-new tissue masks, the Vitamin C Shot mask and the Hyaluron mask. The Vitamin C mask works by mixing an enriched Vitamin C formula and a dry algae solution. And, the Hyaluron mask works by mixing the two shots; one being a hydrating formula and the other the same dry algae solution.

There is 30 ml of product on this mask which you place on your skin and let soak up. 30ml seems like an excessive amount of product to myself but with good reviews and only £3.99, how can you not give it a go?


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2. Revolution is definitely a favourite


Revolution is a brand that has been attracting a lot of attention recently for producing dupes of high-end products – and doing it well. I own several Revolution products and couldn’t recommend them enough. The Conceal and Define concealer (£7) being a personal favourite is a pretty accurate dupe to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, even down to the packaging. They have recently released a new set of highlighters which is causing a stir since their previous highlighters had so much success.

The Pro Skin Finish highlighter formulated with an ultra-fine shimmer leaves your skin glowing. With six shade colours and only £5, everyone can try and inject some glow into dull winter skin.



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3. Last but by no means least, The Body Shop Favourites


Lastly, the Body Shop always offers a wide range of new products each season. With Christmas fast approaching (no it’s not too soon for the C word) they are bringing out many new and exciting products for the season; including a new Vanilla Pumpkin scented range. The new scent includes three products; a hand cream, body butter and shower gel.


“You are not breaking the bank trying to smell like your favourite Starbucks autumnal beverage.”


The Body Shop did a range very similar this summer with banana-scented products which was highly successful. The hand cream and shower gel cost £5 each and the body butter at £15 means you are not breaking the bank trying to smell like your favourite Starbucks autumnal beverage.


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With these brands being found in the high street shops they shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on. So, pop down to your local Superdrug before too many people hear the hype.