Small Town Livin’

Written by Kenisha Ganesh |


Never having visited Falmouth before moving here for university, I was in for a real shock when I looked down the high street only to see the other end staring right back at me. Although I wasn’t a stranger to living in a small town – thanks to how remote my boarding school was.

I was looking forward to uni, hoping it would be a change of pace. Although I live by the motto that ‘it’s the people who make it, not the place’, some damage control was in order, if not I knew I would be looking to escape this small town every weekend. As such, I have put together a list of things that will help you most out of your first year in Fal:


1. Explore


Credit: ALAMY


The first one being the most obvious, explore! Not many people can say that they went to uni right by a beach, so if you can why not make the most of it? If you’re lucky enough to have friends with cars, then this should definitely not be a problem for you, but if not just hop on a bus or train and make a day of it. Popular places like St Ives and Lizard Point are a great place to start, or maybe just Truro if you’re not up for long journeys!



2. Night out in the town


(Credit: Falmouth University)


The downside of living in a small town is the nightlife as you might have heard. But let’s just say Falmouth does try its best. Spoons is definitely the right place to start out your night out if you’re looking for cheap drinks and socialising. After Spoons, it’s only right to move down the high street to Mango’s where you can get 4 shots for £6 and £1 spirits on Wednesdays. Move on to Toast if you’re in the mood for house music, or even further down to Kings for some hip hop and r&b on Thursdays.



3. Taste Falmouth


(Credit: Star & Garter)


One of the many perks of living in Falmouth is the fresh product available to restaurants. Since a majority of the restaurants are stand alone, you are bound to get the freshest ingredients available. With a wide variety of restaurants from Cribbs to Star & Garter, it’s hard to resist temptation by treating yourself to a nice meal every once in awhile, or maybe every week if you’re feeling bougie.



4. Cafe hopping


Credit: Good Vibes Cafe


Since you’re going to be spending a majority of your time studying at uni, the library might become your best friend, but it isn’t the only option out there! Another perk of living in Falmouth is the numerous independent cafes located along the high street. With wi-fi, peace and quiet, and a never ending flow of caffeine, they’re perfect if you’re looking to get a change of scenery but still want to be productive.