Seasonal Trends

Written by Amy Saunders Peace |


September marks the end of the summer. Autumn brings unpredictable bouts of warmth and chill, so shopping for these few months can be a challenge. Similar pieces making their way into our closets and pieces from last year sticking around. Here’s a list of the good and the bad that have made a way into our shopping bags this past month.


 1. Oversized Blazers


Blazers have always been around, but not like now. They seem to be everywhere, perfect to wear over jumpers and dresses and pretty much every other fashion combination going. Dressed up and dressed down, worn on warmer days and cooler days layered up. The options are endless and they seem to be the perfect addition the wardrobe this month.




2. Denim on Denim on Denim



Denim has been back a long while and it seems like it’s here to stay. Different plays on denim continue to be the forefront to everyone’s style. It seems to be the one constant in ever-changing world of fashion. This month the highlight in denim is straight leg or kick flare jeans, this paired with a more girly, fitted top brings perfect balance to an outfit like this.



3. Animal Prints


Leopard restarted this trend, but snake and zebra print seem to be widening the span of choice in this seemingly key style. Some wish this trend had never returned and some welcomed it back. This past month I have seen it in every new in page, every influencers Instagram and every youtubers autumn haul. The introduction of snake and zebra print to this may be too much however maybe soon enough, we will be loving these new additions as much as the original.



4. Oversized Trainers


Oversized trainers have really crept up on us this past season, they started off as an influencer favourite with brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Balenciaga starting off the trend that spiralled into the shoe of the month being purchased by a wider group as it trickles down to the high-street, with brands like Ego and Topshop selling more affordable options.


5. Cargo Pants



Cargo pants have been creeping up on us ever since the camo pants trend started. This converted into a more generalised cargo pant of a similar style but in a neutral colour, and now they are available in every colour and texture under the sun.  Just check prettylittlething’s trouser section to see for yourself.


6. Tartan/Checks



It’s probably not a shocker that tartan has been back on the map lately. It’s the classic autumn/winter print that never seems to go out of style. It just gets renewed and adapted to fit different styles every year, and this years no different. You can even find check cargo pants to match this season’s trouser.

7. Bold Colours



Bold colours have always been a thing. It’s just about which colours turn it is. This month it seems red, yellow and blue are having a moment. Yellow can be a controversial colour, but it’s all about how you wear it. There are so many options and if you pair it with something simple it can work well. Red seems to be carrying on in full force from being last autumn’s colour of choice and blue seems to be starting to emerge.


Words by Amy Saunders Peace