9 Things You’ll Actually Need at Uni

Written by Kristýna Hřivnáčová |

No matter what course you’re on, starting university means being swamped by information about the FXU, your accommodation, and your course. There will very probably be a compulsory purchase list attached and if you are a stress ball, you might be compelled to buy everything.

And a couple more things, just because, you know, this is your new academic start – notebooks, a whole set of highlighters, or a super-pretty folder for all the miscellaneous notes and print-outs you’ll surely be getting.

Keeping that in mind, I’d like to make your suffering easier: here are nine things you will actually need at uni:

  1. A Pen

Sounds basic? It is. But let’s be honest, how many pens that really work do you have in your bag? It’s quite normal, especially for first-years, to have to sign the register before class starts, so be that prepared person whose pen circulates around as quiet thank-yous follow. Just make sure you get it back!


  1. Umbrella/Raincoat

Because this is Cornwall, where it rains on average 256 days out of 365 and the weather changes so quickly you might wake up to a rainstorm, have breakfast in the sunshine and walk to your 10am in drizzle and strong wind. As Scar said, be prepared.


  1. A Calendar

To write all your deadlines, parties and shifts in. Life is a lot easier when you don’t have to look up what you’re supposed to get done every ten minutes.


  1. Laptop/Notebook/Smartphone

Simply somewhere to write your notes in a semi-organised way at least. Believe it or not, notes are great when you’re trying to remember what you’ve been doing the whole semester in order to write a reflective essay.


  1. Earplugs

And proper ones at that. They are perfect for working in crowded places or sleeping while the flat above you parties until dawn.


  1. Quiet Spots with Good Internet

Although uni might tell you there’s internet connection everywhere on campus, some spots just work way better than others. Furthermore, not all those places are calm enough to work in. Find those that are both, treasure them, do not share them.


  1. University Email & Password

If you don’t know those yet (or don’t remember them), find out soon. You need your uni email and password to see your timetable, get to the Learning Space/ELE, log into the Wi-Fi and the uni computers, and to check your email in the morning to see whether or not your 9am was cancelled.


  1. Water Bottle

To stay hydrated and therefore functional. I know that drinking coffee seems better to keep you up, but trust me, coffee isn’t a solution to everything. (Tea is.)


  1. Last Bus Home

As we all know, there’s more to university than just studying – one might find oneself out after sunset after some extremely emotional Monopoly games, or a cookie-eating competition. Here, I did your homework for you.


The Moor, Falmouth – Penryn Campus

0:24 (any day)

3:04 (term time, not Monday)

3:44 (term time, Thursday and Friday only)


Penryn Campus – The Moor, Falmouth

0:03 (any day)

2:03 (term time, not Monday)



And there we are. I am not saying that with those nine things, starting uni will be easy. I’m just pointing out that if you can make your life easier, why wouldn’t you?