September Calling

Written by Georgie Friend |


Illustration by Vanessa Mooncie


As summer tans fade and the leaves begin their own natural tan, one wonders if the predictions of a summer weather September are on the cards? Fashion choices are always made because of confusing British weather, will we be wearing the knitted tartans this fall or will we be wearing out the summer styles after Santa has dropped off the goods for this year?


September is a new beginning for us all.  My writers and I had some interesting thoughts on what to talk about. September, September, September what wonders does the industry of Fashion have for us?


“We can expect many styles and tastes; the obvious being leathers, a tartan moment, but what’s to come?”


Modest fashion has been reincarnated this season. With layering from blazers with oversized jumpers accompanied by long skirt and tights. Designers Erdem and Valentino have showed us how to wear it this season. Exaggerated fringes (no, not bangs or the horrific 2013 fall fringe momentos.) This latest incarnation is not heading for the muddy festival fields, it is appearing at the many shindigs you may be attending the festive season. Though there is one I have left off the list.

Photo by Georgie Friend


Two words – leopard print, it has this simple unwritten rule, this print has and must be treated like any black piece of clothing item in your wardrobe. Leopard walks on a fine line, either can be luxurious and classic or flashy and Kat Slater reminder. Its popularity began with fashion designers Mitzah Bricard and Christian Dior. It was loved so much that during the 50’s Dior created a range of accessories featuring this design. Its stood the test of time and has become a must-have print.


It’s now time to decorate yourself in this print. How you ask? I thought the same, it’s a flavouring print we want it to be tasteful like a Victoria Beckham effortless outfit however not tasteful like Kat Slater.


Clash of the patterns loved and worn by tartan checks and simple stripes it’s time to bounce the print. Reader remember you must treat the leopard print as it was neutral colour in the wardrobe. Leopard overload, the print looks chic with a lot of it, different print sizes and tones it can really elevate an outfit. Skirts and trousers are allowed, the print is settling when it comes to it being worn on the bottom half, revisit the 80’s (I know reader, it was a hideous decade for fashion. But it works well.) BOLD and BRIGHT this print can be worn with the brightest of colours, especially the primate ones.


As autumn greets us, I begin my post as Fashion Editor for the Falmouth Anchor. A new season and a new group of editors, a lot can happen.