Berlin to Penzance road trip offered for free on The Pasty Connection

Written by Annissa Warsame


Fancy a road trip from Berlin to Penzance without spending a penny?


Yesterday, Sam Rowe posted on the much-loved Facebook group The Pasty Connection saying he had 8 spare seats in his touring van, for his 16 hour road trip from Berlin to Penzance – adding “I won’t need fuel money but I will need a pasty when we get there!”


The journey mapped


Sam Rowe, 29, says he is “born and bred in Penzance”, and works as a tour manager for various bands. After dropping one of his bands in Germany, he is left with van, 8 spare seats and a long drive from Berlin to Penzance.


Rowe is embarking on this 16 hour trip from Berlin to Penzance next Monday.


Sam Rowe pictured with van


“If anyone needs to come home, or if anyone needs to be picked up I’m happy to do so and support the Cornish really”, he told us.


But there have been no takers so far since the post was published on Wednesday. According to Rowe, “no one needs a lift from Berlin”.


When he has made trips like this before, Rowe says that people join from Penzance looking for an adventure in Europe.


He adds: “Occasionally I get people in Austria, dropping people, in Frankfurt. I’ve driven from Istanbul and driven around Europe for the last ten years”


That includes making trips from “Penzance to Venice, Penzance to Barcelona or even dropping people off in Salzburg”


As a tour manager Rowe says the job consists of an incredible amount of travelling. Saying: “All this year I’ve been touring, last week I was in Hawaii, in Honolulu. I’ve just done four tours around America. I was also in New Zealand, around Asia, so Singapore and Japan.”


What is The Pasty Connection?


The Pasty Connection logo


The Pasty Connection is a Facebook group facilitating lift shares to and from Cornwall with nearly 30,000 members, including students and non-students alike.


If you have extra seats and you’re planning a long journey, you can often find passengers on the group, splitting the cost of petrol. If you are in need of a cheap (or free) journey you can find someone making the same trip on The Pasty Connection.


Trips to and from Cornwall can be long and expensive, considering how far the region is from the major cities in the UK. Journeys from London to Penzance lasting 4-5 hours are typical listings on the group page.


There are also offers for destinations further afield. The twelve and a half hour journey to Scotland is currently available in the group, while Evie James, a student, recently offered spaces on her road trip from Falmouth to Greece.


Always consider your personal safety when making travel arrangements with people you don’t know. offers the following advice: