14 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Written by Alison Rowe

For many, June signifies the beginning of summer. People often associate this time of year with beaches, warmer weather and vacations. It’s a lesser known fact, however, that June is also the Adopt a Cat month.

Additionally, it’s the time known as kitten season, meaning that many shelters are inundated with kittens, all alongside the steady stream of adult cats.

By adopting a shelter cat, you could massively improve its quality of life (and potentially save it from being needlessly euthanised). You’d also be indirectly helping other rescue animals as cat adoption fees go towards the care of other shelter cats and animals. Plus, adopting (as opposed to shopping for) a feline friend also helps to eradicate the money-motivated cat-breeding industry.

As if you needed more persuasion, here’s 14 reasons why you should totally adopt a cat:

  1. They help to lessen stress and lift mood.

2. They are a never-ending source of amusement and entertainment.

3. They can be very relatable.

4. They are highly intelligent…


5. They are surprisingly empathetic, and a healthier substitute to Ben and Jerry’s during break-ups.

6. They can be taught how to do cool tricks.

7. They are excellent and unrelenting alarm clocks.

8. They make a hilarious chattering noise when they see prey.

9. They are great study buddies and typists.

10. They are extremely thoughtful gift-givers.


11. They are low-maintenance in comparison to children.

12. They are great companions for introverts.

13. They are non-materialistic and content with the simple things in life.

14. The presence of cat fur will motivate you to vacuum and do that laundry you’ve been putting off.


Adopting a cat will help you and the cat. So if you can – adopt!