Introducing the Exeter President Candidates: Lydia Allegretto

By Edward Parsons

Name and Course:

Lydia Allegretto, 3rd year Environmental Science

What are the main features of your manifesto?

The main aims of my manifesto are to make sure Exeter students at the Cornwall campuses are properly represented and supported in every aspect of their academic experience. I would like to improve tutor, academic and peer support for students, introduce inclusivity training for reps and tutors, strengthen the feedback loops between students and their reps and develop opportunities for students to enhance their employability. Right now students feel like their voices aren’t being heard and that their opinions aren’t valued.  As FXU President Exeter I would work towards providing a platform to students, to make sure FXU and the University are listening to their needs.

Why do you think you are well suited to the role?

As a member of the Leadership Team this year, I’ve had the opportunity to really engage with the work done by the Executive Officers and the current Presidents. It has given me the chance to bring real change to FXU, to act as a voice for a large group of students and to experience president and executive accountability. Over the past three years I’ve been committed to improving the student experience on campus, leading award winning projects and supporting students’ initiatives. As President Exeter, I would continue to put students’ interests at the forefront of my agenda and would work tirelessly to improve the academic experience of Exeter students at the Cornwall campuses.

How do you think you will handle liaising with Falmouth uni to get the best for both universities?

As a fairly new campus, for a long time the FXU representatives of Falmouth and Exeter have really focused on strengthening the leadership and functioning of the universities and the related systems within FXU. Now that they have established themselves, I think it’s time for a more united and collaborative approach, as it could lead to some great opportunities that would benefit the students.

What do you think could be improved upon/what would you do to improve with the leadership of FXU?

The current structure of leadership and representation is really good for communication to be fed up the pyramid, but once it reaches the higher levels of representation, what’s been done to address student feedback rarely makes its way back to students. As President Exeter I would work to develop and improve communication structures, by providing opportunities for course reps to provide feedback reports and arranging termly sessions for students to have direct contact with senior Streatham staff.