Introducing the Exeter President Candidates: Daniel Wilson

By Edward Parsons

Name and Course:

Dan Wilson, BSc Geography


What are the main features of your manifesto?

My manifesto is based around the central theme of a vote for Dan being a vote to Demand Accountability Now and this is shown throughout my manifesto pledges, which include:

1)  Demand the University of Exeter give students (including those graduating) a vote on where profits made during the recent strikes are going and to provide answers as to how they have ensured grades don’t suffer as a result of previous strike action.

2) Give all Exeter students the opportunity to directly hold The University of Exeter accountable for the decisions they make through termly open Q&A’s with Vice-Chancellors like the one I successfully campaigned for in March.

3)  If elected, I will make myself personally accountable for the decisions I make by having a door that will always be open and holding weekly open drop-ins at the Stannary. This will allow me to help with concerns or queries and enable me to listen to each and every one of you reading this. Making sure I always represent the student body to the best of my ability.


Why do you think you are well suited to the role?

My experience of being GeogSoc President and leading the society to 3 awards over the last year has allowed me to develop excellent leadership, teamwork and negotiating skills that make me ideal for the role of President. But most importantly I, like many of you, feel let down by some of the decisions The University of Exeter and FXU have made over the last year and I am determined to get the answers and make the changes that we deserve.


How do you think you will handle liaising with Falmouth uni to get the best for both universities?

Falmouth University and its students are an integral part of what makes Penryn Campus so special. Therefore, if elected I would go to great lengths to work with Falmouth University to make the student experience better for all students, such as working with both universities to provide better joint facilities and on the Campus 2020 plan.


What do you think could be improved upon/what would you do to improve with the leadership of FXU?

I feel very strongly that FXU needs to refocus itself on the students it represents. Support during the strikes simply wasn’t good enough. I felt helpless in the middle of the dispute between the UCU and The University of Exeter and felt like FXU support just wasn’t there. If something like a strike were to happen again, FXU should be supporting students with practical advice, recording how students are affected on each course and pressuring the University to provide better support and effective strike mitigation action. If you elect me, I pledge to ensure that students are at the heart of every decision FXU makes!

I am also pledging to drastically improve FXU’s communication. Cancelling the Grad Ball at Pendennis Castle without consulting students for example simply wasn’t good enough. Therefore, if elected I will ensure that major FXU decisions involve open student consultation.




To find out more about me and my pledges please check out my campaign video,