Introducing the Exeter President Candidates: Bee Hellier

By Josephine Walbank

Name and Course:

Bee Hellier, History


What are the main features of your manifesto?

The main features of my manifesto focus a lot on academic representation and trying to improve it within the University. For example, over the next-year I would be heavily focused upon ensuring that students received recompense for missed education during the strikes. However, the longer, broader outcome of that would be increasing the awareness that students have of FXU and its role as an academic representative. The FXU does a lot of great work and is amazing at engaging students in more social and sports related topics, but I definitely feel that there is room for improvement in regards to building the relationship beyond reps and the FXU.


Why do you think you are suited to the role?

I’ve already got a working understanding of how students and the university communicate, through my role as a History Rep. More than that, I am very much a goal-orientated person who is great at standing up and speaking out. If student’s want someone who is genuinely going to listen to them and represent their best interests to this huge institution, there’s no better person for this job. I am engaged, passionate and conscientious – what more could you ask for?


How do you think you will handle liaising with Falmouth uni to get the best for both universities?

I think I will work alongside Falmouth University very well, after all, we both have the same interests for our students at heart. Falmouth is university with lots of diverse disciplines and degrees and I think that building on top of that will only help strengthen the student experience here in Penryn.


What do you think could be improved upon/what would you do to improve the leadership of FXU?

I think the leadership of FXU is very strong and has done a lot for our students in the past. However, I think that a lot of students feel very disengaged from leadership and despite the fact there are updates online, there is no real physical presence for students outside of the groups like Course Reps. This goes back to my earlier point about increasing the awareness of the FXU as an academic representative. By helping to shape a role where the President is more approachable you are helping to create more of a community. If you have a President who students, that maybe don’t involve themselves in university politics, can meet and interact with in and outside of a learning environment then you’ve already created better communication. Better communication leads to be better actions and choices, which leads to better academic experiences and so and so forth.