FXU President-elect Exeter Sajjad Jabarkhel resigns

By Josephine Walbank

After winning by an overwhelming majority in earlier this year, the FXU President-elect for Exeter has resigned from his post yesterday evening due to complications surrounding his right to work in the UK.

Due to his status as an Asylum Seeker and Refugee in the UK, he does not have the right to work in the UK, and therefore is unable to work for FXU in his 2018/19 post. Although he worked alongside FXU and the University of Exeter to counteract this, they were unable to challenge this legal complication.

On his Facebook account yesterday evening, he released the statement that “I may not have been allowed to represent you all and do what I love but it is a great moment for me to reflect on. I started my journey as an illiterate refugee and ended up graduating from University of Exeter as an engineer, the Undergraduate Education Officer and the FXU President Exeter elect. This is not something I ever imagined or thought of throughout my journey. I am sorry to have not been able to deliver what I promised and what you elected me to do”.

In an email sent to all students from FXU containing their statement on these unfortunate developments, they stated their planned response, which will be to hold a by-election, so that a candidate can be chosen to take the role of FXU President Exeter for the next academic year in Sajjad’s place. They stated that “We know the timings of this are not ideal, but we must run this election now, before the end of the current term… We are committed to ensuring a full and functioning FXU Presidential Team for the Penryn campus community ready for the new academic year”.

Nominations for the by-election opened at midday today, and these will close on Friday the 1st of June. Then voting will be open from Monday 4th of June till Friday 8th June at midday. Results will then be announced on Friday 8th of June.

In his official statement, Sajjad was very heartfelt and sincere, stating: “I am delighted to have represented you all for this long and, had it been an option, I would have continued with lots of pride. I would like to thank you all for your support and patience over the past three years especially my campaign team who worked tirelessly throughout the term and election week”.


Sajjad, Sarah Redman and Dean Pomeroy at the FXU Student Voice Awards