Introducing: Dayana Marconi

The Falmouth Anchor is reviving the ‘Introducing:’ section for our digital paper! ‘Introducing:’ will be a bi-monthly spotlight to any artistic talent we feel is outstanding. Here is Dayana Marconi’s photography project “I can hear you now”

Marconi, her own muse, depicting the emotions Rage vs. Grief

Born in Italy and based in Rome, Dayana S. Marconi achieved a BA in Intercultural Studies applied to Mass Media at the University of Trieste in 2005.  She moved to London in 2012, where she achieved a TEFL/TESOL Master Certificate, that enabled her to move to China the following year to teach English. From that moment, she started travelling across Asia, Europe and the USA, opening up her mind and soul to different cultures and embracing this diversity. Currently enrolled as an MA Photography student at Falmouth University, she has created the photographic project “I can hear you now”.


The mission of her work is to prove that photography can be used as a tool for psychological research and to investigate the inner world of the portrayed individuals and viewers. By enhancing empathy through observation and the analysis of the photograph and the meaning behind the art. This project is born to respond to a personal need for the author, who suffers from Anxiety Disorder and with it, panic attacks. During these episodes, she often feels the urge to scream in attempts nullify her pain. But she’s never had the chance to release that inner pressure, since our lives are so micro-managed by societal norms.

The author and her sitters opened themselves to the world, creating a constructive visual dialogue about topics still considered a ‘taboo’ like mental health and social problems, by following these same emotional processes. Hence the act of screaming becomes a cathartic release of this pent-up negativity. As such, facial expressions and body-movements is left for the observer to interpret. 

This body of work is multifaceted and made of “Sequences”; still images with a contact-sheet structure, that depict the whole emotional process. And “Confrontation sheets” are photographs confronting two different screams of the same individual and accompanied by a brief text that identify those emotions but that do not explain what emotion corresponds to what portrait. This is to enhance the participatory approach of viewers that are asked to observe and interpret. Concluding with a series of videos approaching the subject matter from different perspectives.

“With her project, Dayana Marconi wants to fight the awkward, the constant feeling of shame; she must remember herself that she has the right to “Load… Explode… And be free.” “




To enjoy Marconi’s project fully we encourage you to visit her upcoming exhibitions, listed below:


“Art in Mind” group exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery Annexe, London, UK.

May 23rd – June 3rd 2018.

Opening | Private View – Wednesday 23rd May 6pm‐8.30pm

Open times | Gallery open daily 10am to 6pm until Sunday 3rd June

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe  93‐95 Sclater Street | London | E1 6HR | UK  +44 (0) 207 729 9721

“I can hear you now” Solo exhibition at Fuoriluogo Art and Culture Residence, Asti, Italy.

June 7th – June 16th 2018.

Opening | Thursday 7th June, ~9pm

Open times | Residence open Mon‐Thu 7.30am to 8pm – Fri 7.30am to 1am  ‐ Sat 8am to 1am, closed on Sundays   Exhibition close | Sat 16th June at 1am     Fuoriluogo Art and Culture Residence  Piazzale G. Pasta/Via Toti Enrico 18‐20, 14100 Asti, Italy

“I am here – here I am” Art-Collective event, Marks Tey, Essex, UK.

Celebratory exhibition of transformative work from emerging artists, tackling issues of identity, culture and perception. Created in collaboration with the MA Photography student Maryann Morriss and the film director William Wright.

July 7th – July 8th 2018.

Opening | Saturday 7th July, ~5pm

Exhibition close | Sunday 8th July, ~1am (hours TBD)

Wishingwell Farm  London Road, Marks Tey, Essex, CO6 1EZ