By Lilly Moore

The novel Peril, by much-admired Joss Stirling, is set in a futuristic world where Meri Marlowe could be the last of her race. The race ‘Perilous’ possesses abilities being able to see colours in the UV spectrum that other humans can’t see. However, she is hunted by ancient enemies of her kind who wish to see the last of her race. After losing her parents very young, she has been hiding out in a climate-changed London with her guardian, Theo. Kel Douglas is one of an ancient enemies whose skin is covered in intricate peril-coloured decorations when they come of a certain age.

In Peril I found the dystopian stance in the book quite captivating, and still conclusive in the storyline. Stirling is a well-acclaimed author with many of her novels having won awards, for example in 2007 Waterstones selected her as one of the ‘25 Authors of the Future’. I’m enthusiastic to see how far Joss Stirling goes in the next instalment of this series, especially with the futuristic notion of global warming and other extreme weather conditions that is featured in the novel.

When reading through, I thought the connection between the two lovers of Meri and Kel quite similar to Romeo and Juliet, with an incredibly sweet story. Even with the futuristic elements, the story possessed a realistic connection between them and unlike some of her other novels, she didn’t rush their relationship. They were built up with anticipated moments for the reader, then suddenly breaking it with fast-paced action moments.

This is Joss Stirling’s initial book in a new series of Peril. Stirling has it labelled as ‘perfect for fans of the Hunger Games or the Starcrossed Trilogy.’