Falmouth’s Good Vibes Café launches new vegan culinary venture



Falmouth’s Good Vibes Café will be starting a new culinary venture, Rooted, on Sunday 11th March, hosting a new evening menu which celebrates plant-based fine-dining.

Following the success of the Vegan Nights, held at Good Vibes every two months for the past year and a half, owner and Chef Daniel Rossiter will be creating vegan-inspired small plates which will be served two nights a week, using the best of local produce.

Opening their doors from 6pm, every Sunday and Monday evening, Rossiter wants to fill the gap in the market that which has been left not catered for in the past: “There’s a market for fine-dining on these quieter evenings, and we want to set ourselves apart by leaving the Friday and Saturday nights to other already established hotspots.”

“Championing local ingredients used simply to create delicious food is what we’ve always aimed to do, so it made sense to start opening in the evenings and sharing what we think food should feel like.”

After a successful ‘Veganuary’ celebratory event at the end of January, Rossiter and partner Jade Phipps decided that making the evening events a permanent fixture at Good Vibes Café was the best way to share their passion for food.

With the price of small plates ranging from £6-8, Rossiter and Phipps wish to create a relaxed and informal setting, with a focus on local and seasonal produce, they said “the aim of Rooted is to cater not just for vegans, but for anyone interested in honest food that comes from the heart.”