Update regarding Industrial Action from FXU President Exeter

Hey everyone,

The industrial action that has taken place on the Penryn Campus over the last few days has undoubtedly impacted student experience, and messages I and other FXU staff have received have reflected this.

Following the news of the intended strike action in late January, I had several meetings with representatives from both UCU and the University, including the Vice Chancellor. Following discussion with the other FXU Presidents with responsibility for Exeter students in Cornwall, we issued a joint statement available here: https://www.fxu.org.uk/news/article/6013/FXU-statement-regarding-the-upcoming-UCU-industrial-action/

Questions around the strike were raised at the FXU Annual General Meeting on 16th February 2018, where I directed students to the FXU’s statement on the website, and to the planned Vice Chancellor’s Question Time debate.

My views around the Vice Chancellor’s Question Time debate are available in full in a piece by the Falmouth Anchor (https://www.falmouth-anchor.co.uk/wp/2018/02/21/fxu-exeter-president-on-lack-of-penryn-campus-engagement-at-vc-question-time/), but in short, questions specificially around the impact, cause and mitigation of the strike were discussed, as well as Cornwall specific questions.

Moving forward, to enable students to participate in the discussions around the UCU strike, FXU has arranged an event with a presentation and Q&A session from UCU and University representatives. I would encourage students to participate in these discussions, and to attend the event. Details are available on the FXU Website (https://www.fxu.org.uk/ents/event/2646/) and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/172657330189747/).

I hope that you will be able to attend the event on Wednesday, and please do email me if you have any further comments or concerns.

Many thanks,
Dean Pomeroy
FXU President Exeter 2017/18