Bottle Match: Introducing CSM Rugby

Meet the Rugby team representing our campus at this year’s Bottle Match and check out the interview below!

When: 2:30PM, Saturday 24th February

Where: Penryn Rugby Club

Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons
Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons
Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons
Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons

Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons

CSM Rugby has proudly raised an incredible £2117.16 for the Matt Hampson Foundation this year with their traditional pre-Bottle Match haircuts thanks to the help from The Town Barber, Falmouth. You can check out all of their new styles at the match this Saturday!

Credit: Joe Rigby


Interview with the team, by Alexandria Bell

Nicholas Pearce, Mining Engineering, 3rd year, Captain

Alastair Bigger, MSc Conservation Biodiversity

Dan Draper, Mining Engineering, 1st year

How has the season gone so far for you?
This term has been quite poor, we’ve only played two out of the past five scheduled matches due to weather. It’s not great with Bottle coming up as our game time has been limited.

The results have been good when we have played, especially as Cornwall One is the top eight teams of last term so they’re all pretty good teams. Last week we lost 10-13, only narrowly missing out on a win against Newquay. Overall the results are promising and bodes well for the upcoming Bottle.

What does bottle mean to you?
N: Bottle is the reason I play rugby down here. It’s not only the game, it’s what comes with it the tradition having gone on for so many years. It’s especially important now more than ever as I’m in third year.
A: For me it’s the biggest game I’ve ever played in, especially at home as the crowd is fantastic. No matter what the weather or traffic, there’s always loads of people who are riled up and excited. This is my last game and it’s a big one about redemption, as last year we didn’t perform as well as we could have, and I felt I took a lot of responsibility as vice-captain. I’d really like the win this year and give people something worth coming to watch.
D: As a fresher I didn’t really know what this ‘bottle’ everyone was talking about, but as it’s gotten closer and closer you can see what it means. Looking over at previous Bottle matches it’s an amazing thing to be a part of, especially if we come away as a winning team.

How does it feel to be selected?
N: First year I missed out unfortunately, and we lost last year. To go to being captain this year, it’s incredible. It’s the rivalry that you really do want to beat them, and it spurs emotions when you realise how important the event is.
A: We haven’t confirmed who’s officially playing, but I would be very appreciative. As soon as your name goes on the list you have to knuckle down. Personally, I feel immediate elation, but also get nervous. This year I’m more relaxed. I’m very excited to hear the announcement.
D: I’d be over the moon to be selected, but I have no idea at this point. I don’t tend to get too nervous, I’d accept it and then prepare but be extremely nervous on the day.

How many bottles have you played in?
N: This is my second, I narrowly missed out in first year which was horrible. I learnt from the things I was doing wrong and redeemed and worked on. I’m now in a position of coming back stronger as captain.
A: This will be my third, I missed out in my fresher year due to injury. My third and final.
D: This will be my first.

Tell us something about you that others won’t know
N: Most won’t know I’m 23. I left college after completing my a-levels, but I didn’t want to go to university. I went to work and then realised I wanted to do engineering, re-did my maths and physics and then came here.
A: I quit rugby for two years after school and then came down here and remembered that I really loved the game.
D: I did disco dancing at a national level.

Who is your favourite sports hero and why?
N: Sonny Bill Williams – he’s a demon on the pitch. He’s inspiring and a humble guy. I aspire to play like him.
A: Pete Stringer because he’s tiny and plays international rugby. He’s still playing now at over 40 years old.
D: Jonah Lomu, he just changed the game. First person to be internationally famous for playing rugby with such speed and power.

Three reasons why you like being in a team sport?
N: Competition, confidence, challenge.
A: Comradery, social side, creativity. I like to win, victory.
D: Winning, getting involved with local community, family.

Who is the best/worst person to train with in the team?
N: The worst is Max Stirling. The best is Alastair, he brings the hype and I look up to him because he’s been here longer than me. I can feed off his tips.
A: Max Stirling, worst. Michael Dupper is the best, he turns up every session and puts in the effort to improve. Really good fun and an all-round good guy.
D: Max Stirling as the worst. George Eaton is the best, always got his head on, up for a bit of a laugh. But when you do want to be serious he’s good to be around, he never does anything wrong.

What’s your favourite type of Thursday night?
Cook a nice meal, good company, couple of drinks (nice red), I love a board game and followed by a movie and bath.
A: I’d happily sit in playing Xbox for eight hours with a takeaway. Nice and chilled.
D: Depends on what kind of day I’ve had, sometimes you want to stay in and Netflix. But Stannary, Spoons, Grapes and Club I if it’s a good one.

Who has the worst music taste?
N: Alastair has the best and the worst
A: Stan, he listens to country and The Wurzels
D: Lloyd, it’s just horrible techno.

Who has the best dance moves?
N: Glen Williams
A: Glen Williams
D: Bigger [Alastair]

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match and why?
N: I don’t need anyone, as long as I’ve got my team surrounding me.
A: My dad, because he got me into rugby.
D: My mum, dad and brother. They always used to come to my home games and it’s a bit weird not having them here.

What is your pre-match superstition?
N: Before I go to sleep I like thinking about the way I’m going to play, make myself nervous thinking about what could happen. Then I hype myself up going on to pitch.
A: I’ll get up and always have the same breakfast: bagels, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.
D: The night before I usually chill out or go around the boys. In the morning I get up with time to have a big and salty fry up. In the changing rooms I like being on my own, I don’t like people talking to me. I get hyped on my own.