Bottle Match: Introducing CSM Lacrosse

Meet the lacrosse team representing our campus at this years Bottle match!

When: 1pm, Saturday 24th Feburary

Where: Penryn Rugby Club

Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Desgin Matt Solomons
Credit:Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Desgin Matt Solomons
Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons


Interview with the team, by Ellen McLaughlin

Sophie Spring, 2nd Year, Conservation Biology and Ecology, Women’s Captain

Charlie Burton, 4th Year, Surveying Land and Environment, Men’s Captain

Sophie Thorpe, 3rd Year, Environmental Science, Chair Person

How has your season been so far?

Being the only lacrosse team in Cornwall; its always been difficult to organise regular games! However, this year the women’s team have entered into a local league for the first time! We have definitely exceeded our own expectations on how we have performed; currently sitting 8th out of 20 teams! Overall, I would say it has been a successful season so far for the women. For the men’s team, it is more of a challenge to arrange matches. Some of our men’s players travel to Plymouth, to play in their Lacrosse team; just so they have regular game-time. But preparation for bottle has been going well; so bring on the 24th!

What does bottle mean to you?

S: The Bottle Match is a really great showcase of how the team has improved since the beginning of term. It gives all of us something to work towards as a team and the final result is such a fun time!

C: Having been part of CSM for four years now and with Bottle being such a long tradition. Its an honour to be selected.

S: Its the second year, that Lacrosse has featured in Bottle; given us a huge opportunity to showcase the game to a larger audience. Also, as Sophie said the team works together for one common cause. To win Bottle!

How does it feel to be selected?

S: As captain, you just feel honoured to play in one of the oldest varsity matches.

C: For me, you have such pride in playing for your team; win or lose we have great team spirit. Lacrosse does feel like one big family!

S: Just really grateful I can play in the team; it does feel like one big community. We are always there for each other.

How many bottles have you played in?

S: This year will be my second time playing for CSM Lacrosse.

C: Same as Sophie, this is my second Bottle.

S: This is the second year I’m playing in Bottle.

Tell us something about you that others wont know

S: I am actually completely incompetent with time management and have to ask my gal pal Katie Smith what time training is every single week (despite being Captain).

C: Difficult to think of one! This may sound random. But when I was 13, I scored during a football match! As I was celebrating with my team, I found a coin on the pitch! I picked it up and placed in my boot bag! Ever since then, it has remained there. I feel like its my lucky charm!

S: This is may surprise people, but lacrosse wasn’t my main sport. At school, netball was my sport of choice. Before university, I had never played lacrosse! From my very first taster session, I began to love the game! Now featuring in my second bottle, I think I made the right choice!

Who is your favourite sports hero and why?

S:  My sports hero is Sarah Gerhardt, who was the first woman to surf Mavericks. Surfing, especially big wave surfing, has always been a male-dominated sport and she was a real pioneer for women. What a role model she is!

C: For me, it has to be Roger Federer. He is a record-breaker; 20 grand-slam single titles and a record of staying at #1 for consecutive 237 weeks! His achievements in tennis are endless! All you can do is admire the man! But for me, what I really respect about him; his is ability to remain so humble and polite over the years. The way, he can accept his defeats and remain humble in victories; just shows what a great sportsman he really is!

S: Jessica Ennis Hill- Olympic and Heptathlon Champion. What a role model she is! Her determination and drive to be the best; is something you can only admire! However, like Charlie said about Federer its her ability to remain so grounded! Even after becoming Olympic champion! She is incredible!

Three reasons why you like being in a team sport?

S: My biggest reason is the friendships I have formed through Lacrosse! You do feel part of one big family!

C: 1) You become dependent on your teammates; feels like one big community. 2) The team spirit is always so upbeat and postitive. 3) The social events.

S: For me, its being part of a community; its not just about playing sport. Its bigger than that!  Also, its an outlet for me to destress from work and just focus on training! Whilst having a laugh with your friends.

Who is the best and worst person to train with?

S: Best person to train is Sophie Thorpe; her work rate is incredible! The worst person for me has to be Lee Rowley!

C: The best has to be Sophie Spring. She always so upbeat and positive! Same as Sophie, the worst has to be Lee Rowley. He is such a health hazard on the pitch sometimes!

S: For me, the best person to train with is Katie Smith. She is a great player; it can be slightly annoying at times. An invaluable player to our Bottle team. Difficult for me to pick a worst! I would have to say Charlie Burton. He is way too competitive; even in training sessions!

Who is your favourite type of Thursday night?

C: Pres at someone’s house, drinks at spoons, quick stop at kebab on the corner, drinks at grapes obviously club I and finally a subway before heading home!

S: Usually start at chintz, then grapes, then toast… followed by cod on the corner! RIP my fitness!

Who has the worst music taste?

S: My gal pal Katie Smith!

C: For me, it has to be Sam Morris. Not a fan of heavy metal music!

S: It has to be Sophie Spring. She is always playing American country music! Not a Nashville fan!

Who has the best dance moves?

S: I’m going to have to say Charlie Burton!

C: For me it has to be Rory Denton; he has mastered the art of dad dancing! A real shame he isn’t involved in Bottle this year!

S: Like Sophie, I will say Charlie Burton! There isn’t much competition in the team!

Who do you wish was performing you at every game or match and why?

S: For me I’m going to have to say my family. I just feel their support at Bottle would be incredible! That extra encouragement on the sidelines would be priceless!

C: I would have to say my parents. They watched Bottle last year, as it was in London! Having them there cheering you on makes me perform better!

S: Same as Charlie, my parents. They have never seen me play Lacrosse before! And also what a first match to come and watch; the annual Bottle match!

What is your pre-match superstition and why?

S: My pre match ritual is really the same as my everyday ritual. I eat a fat omelette, drink a cuppa and get pumppppppped!

C: I’m going to have to say the coin I collected when I was 13! It always has to be in my boot bag! Definitely brought my luck during matches!

S: Before every match, I have to tie my boots really tightly! There is no explanation as to why I do it! But I always do!