Bottle Match: Introducing CSM Women’s Hockey

Meet the Women’s Hockey team representing our campus at this years Bottle match!

When: 9am, Saturday 24th February

Where: Penzance Astro Park

Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons.
Credit:Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Waterhouse. Design By Matt Solomons
Credit:Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Waterhouse. Design By Matt Solomons


Interview with the team, by Ellen McLaughlin

Louise Cross, 3rd Year, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, Captain

Megan Binns, 2nd Year, Marine and Natural History Photography, Vice-Captain

Emma Watson, 1st Year, Interior Design, Social Secretary

How has your season been so far?

Our season has been going well; we are currently sitting 4th out of 12 teams in our local league (Trewlawney Division One). Aside from the league, we have also played well in cup competitions. Last Saturday, we won 4-0 to reach the final of the Cornwall Hockey Plate Association, which takes place in April. That couldn’t be better timing for the team, with Bottle fast approaching. Training has been going well for the event! We can’t wait to get out there and play.

What does bottle mean to you?

L: Its a real opportunity for us has a team; to showcase how we have been performing all season to a large crowd. And also, its a great platform for us to promote women’s hockey at the university.

M: Its the biggest event of the year for us. Its great to have so many spectators come out and support on match day. It really makes all the difference!  But for me, its great having the other Bottle teams come out to support us on the sidelines! For me, that’s what Bottle is all about!

E: For me, it really showcases the sense of the community, that we have as a team! Over previous Bottles, old players have returned to come and support the current team! Just shows how important Bottle is! This year will be no different.

How does it feel to be selected?

L: Captaining the team this year, is a huge honour! Its great to be part of such a prestigious event.

M: For me, you just feel privileged to be representing your team in one of the oldest varsity matches.

E: Same as Megan, you just feel honoured to play for your team.

How many bottles have you played in?

L: This will be my third Bottle appearance.

M: This will be my second Bottle.

E: Same as Megan, this is my second time representing CSM Women’s Hockey.

Tell us something about you that others wont know

L: I lived in Switzerland in four months. I was a volunteer at the GirlGuilding world centre, our Chalet.

M: I can’t really think of one. I’m Welsh! Does that count?

E: For me, my favourite animal is a Puffin!

Who is your favourite sports hero and why?

L: Kate-Richardson Walsh- English Hockey Player. She has won both an Olympic Gold and Bronze medal with Team GB, and captained the side for 13 years. In London 2012, Walsh suffered a broken jaw whilst playing against Japan; this was expected to end her Olympic journey. However, she returned to captain the team to win the Bronze medal! For me, that shows what a role model she is!

M: Jessica Ennis Hill- Olympic and World Heptathlon Champion. Her commitment to her discipline is incredible! Her ability to deal with the pressure she faced in London 2012; to become Olympic champion, is something you have to admire!

E: Anthony Watson- English Rugby Union Player. For me, he is such an impact player. He is a noticeable absence, from the England team when he isn’t playing. The tries he has scored, at international level are incredible! You just have to watch some of his performances at the Six Nations to see that. For me, his determination and work-rate on the pitch is phenomenol! He leaves everything out there.

Three reasons why you like being in a team sport?

L:  It allows me to de-stress from university work; gives me time to focus on other things! For me, that is really important.

M: Similar to Louise. Its an another outlet for me to be sociable which doesn’t involve university work. Training during the week, allows you to switch off and just focus on hockey!

E: My biggest reason is the sociable aspect! The friends I have formed in the team! You feel part of one big community. For me, that is priceless!

Who is the best/worst person to train with in the team?

L: I would have to say the worst is Lizzie Hempstead; who is in this years Bottle team!  She is always tired and turning up late! But is a great player!

M: For me, the best is Hattie Matthews. She is like the hockey mum! Always looking out for others and gets on with the job at hand!

E: Have to agree with Megan, the best is Hattie Matthews. Very sensible and an invaluable player on the team.

What’s your favourite type of Thursday night?

L: I spend every Thursday doing the same thing really… I am a brownies leader, so I spend the evening volunteering in a nearby village.

M: It would probably be one, that involved going out most definitely! Probably end up at toast because its free entry.

E: My favourite Thursday is a huge hockey social followed by a tiki fire in grapes. Then regrettably ending up in Club I!

Who has the worst music taste?

L: It has been Sarah Kelly. Definitely not a fan of house music.

M: In agreement with Louise, it has to be Sarah! For the exact same reason.

E: This is unanimous!

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match and why?

L: For me, it has to be my granddad. He keeps up to date with our progress in the local league (Trewlawney Division One). Always checking the results! I would love for him to come and watch a game!

M: I would have to say my parents! I just feel their support on the sidelines would be amazing! Especially for Bottle!

E: My dad. I would love for him to come and watch me play at Bottle. Just feel his encouragement, would spur me on to play better!

What is your pre-match superstition and why?

L: Before every game, we all gather together to chant “CSM Hockey”. That is our team superstition. As captain, I will have to pick that one!

M: I don’t have one personally. So, I will have to say the same as Louise!

E: On match day, I will eat two slices of marmite toast! It has to be with butter! Not sure why! But its something I always have to do.