Bottle Match: Introducing Men’s Hockey

Meet the Men’s Hockey team representing our campus in the Bottle Match this year!

When: 10:15AM, Saturday 24th February

Where: Penzance Astro Park

Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design Matt Solomons.
Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design Matt Solomons.
Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design Matt Solomons.


Interview with the team, by Alexandria Bell

Harry Guest, Geology, 2nd Year, Treasurer

Conor Cowden, Energy Engineering, 2nd Year, Captain

Richard Stonehewer-Smith, Geology, 2nd Year, President

How has the season gone so far for you?

We have matches every Saturday, and have performed well in the cup games making it through to the semi-final of the Cornwall hockey plate. We’re currently 8th out of 12 in the league, which is great as we’re considering this our development season and training up all of our new freshers.

We’re really starting to click as a team and going through some strong prep for bottle which will include a one week drinking ban and extra fitness sessions.

What does bottle mean to you?
H: As a CSM student means a lot to be able to play in it, there’s a lot of history around it and I’m proud to be playing.
C: It’s such a big occasion to be playing in front of so many people and friends. The pinnacle of our sporting year, it’s a big one.
R: It is the thing that we prep ourselves for in the season and plan our training around bottle. Something that I most look forward to it and a big selling point for freshers and team members.

How does it feel to be selected?

H: Considering I didn’t make the team last year it’s great to have made it this time.
C: It’s always an honour to be in the squad and play with everyone.
R: A privilege, nice to be included. Being selected out of other players gives me a sense of recognition.

How many bottles have you played in?
H: This is my first.
C: This will be my second, I’m really excited to lead the team!
R: This is my second time too.

Tell us something about you that others won’t know
H: I can balance a pint glass on my chest whilst standing.
C: My great granddad used to own a Flying Scotsman.
R: My dad broke the world record for the longest game of hockey (I think 36 hours), only for it to be broken in the same year.

Who is your favourite sports hero and why?
H: It’s got to be Maddie Hinch, she’s the back bone of the England ladies hockey team and single-handedly won the world cup. She’s a hero. One of the world’s best.
C: My secondary school coach, Ian Johnson, captain of the Wales veterans and he got me into the sport.
R: Thierry Henry – I’m an arsenal fan and he is just incredible.

Three words/reasons why you like being in a team sport?
H: Comradery, challenge, fun.
C: Competitive, progression, uniting for a common goal.
R: Community spirit, social, opportunity to improve.

Who is the best/worst person to train with in the team?
H: Best – Ben Stainton, he’s a joy to watch and I feel like I learn a lot from him.
C: Worst – Harry, he never stops talking!
R: Worst – Ben Stainton, he makes you feel like you’re not there because he’s just too good.

What’s your favourite type of Thursday night?
H: Having a chilled pint with my mates.
C: Always enjoy a big hockey social, heading out to Fives.
R: I’m going to deny, Club I.

Who has the worst music taste?
H: Conor
C: Ben Rigg
R: Dylan Ward

Who has the best dance moves?
H: George Clegg by far
C: George Clegg
R: Conor

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match and why?
H: My girlfriend because she’s never seen me play before.
C: My secondary school coach, Ian.
R: My brother to show him how much better I am than him.

What is your pre-match superstition?
H: Got to listen to ‘every time we touch’ by Cascada en route with the boys.
C: I pick up a grain of sand from each pitch, and add them to my end of season sandcastle.
R: Little tap of the badge as I walk on pitch.