Bottle Match: Introducing CSM Netball

Meet the netball team representing our campus in this years Bottle match!

When: 6.00pm, Friday 23rd February 

Where: Penryn Campus Sports Centre


Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons.
Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design by Matt Solomons.


Interview with the team, by Ellen McLaughlin

Danielle Georgiou, 4th Year Professional Writing, 1st Team Captain.

Jen Marsden, 3rd Year Graphic Design, President.

Ellie Bowyer- 3rd Year Marine and Natural History Photography, 2nd Team Captain.

How has your season gone so far for you?

For the first team, it has been a mixed picture; with varying results. In September, we had a huge intake of freshers, which was a very positive sign. A lot of them, showing real talent for the game. For us, this was great to see! Injuries have heavily blighted our season, which has been a real shame. But preparation for bottle has been going well. So bring on the 23rd!

What does Bottle mean to you?

D: It is such a privilege to play for your team! It brings people together; shows team unity! All of you are striving towards the same goal; winning bottle!

J: Same as Danielle, its been a privilege to be selected!

E: For me I have to say I’m quite emotional about Bottle! I think you begin to realize what an important occasion it is for the university!

How does it feel to be selected?

D: It’s the biggest event of the year. For me, it is an honour to play amongst your friends! It will bring in the biggest crowds, which motivates us to play at our best. Its our main event of the year!

J: For me, it was totally unexpected. I play in the 2nd team, and have suffered several injuries this season. It was such a shock! So delighted to represent my team.

E: It is my first time being selected for the bottle squad. It shows my commitment to training and matches has paid off! Also, it is a huge privilege to represent your team at one of the oldest varsity matches.

How many Bottles have you played in?

D: This will be my second time representing CSM Netball.

J: This is my first.

E: Like Jen, this will be my first bottle match appearance!

Tell us something about you that others wont know

D: My main sport at school was athletics; sprinting is my favoured discipline. During my first year, there was no established team at the university. However, I still wanted to be involved in sports. So I thought, I would go along to one of the netball taster sessions. Four years on and now captaining the Bottle team. I think I made the right choice.

J: Like Danielle, netball wasn’t my main sport. This may come as a surprise to people! But I actually hated netball. Shocking to think! Cross country and hockey were my sports of choice at school. So naturally, I thought I would join one of those teams. I got into netball because of my first year flat-mate, who asked me to join her for one of the taster sessions. So I thought, why not give it a go? From that first taster session, my opinion of netball completely changed. I absolutely love the game.

E: This will shock people; even my teammates! But when I was younger, I was a Latin and Ballroom dancer. I competed in competitions and won rosettes. Fun fact! That is definitely something people won’t know about me.

Who is your favourite sports hero and why?

D: Jessica Ennis Hill – Olympic Heptathlon champion. A real inspirational figure for young women. Her determination and drive to be the best, is incredible to watch! But most importantly, I love the fact she has remained so humble!

J: Kathrine Spritzer – an American marathon runner. In 1967, she became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, as a numbered entry.  Despite race officials trying to prevent her from finishing, Spitzer finished the marathon with a respectful time. What a role model.  She never gave up on her ambitions!

E: For me, it has to be Joanne Harten – English netball player. I had the privilege of meeting Joanne in secondary school. She has such a strong presence on the court whenever she plays! For me, she is a key member of the national team. Last year, she began playing in the Australian Super Netball League. A real hero of mine!

Three reasons why you like being in a team sport?

D:  My biggest reason is the friendships I have formed over the years! It’s that simple for me!

J: 1) The confidence it has given me as a player. 2) The friendships you build: being surrounded by a great group of girls. 3) The opportunities it has afforded me: the chance to play in one of the oldest varsity matches.

E: For me, it has to be the friends I have made through netball. This may sound cheesy, but you honestly feel part of one big family. Finally, the encouragement you receive from your teammates. Win or lose; we have amazing team spirit.

Who is the best/worst person to train with in the team?

D: The best person to train with is Ellie Mears; who is playing in this years Bottle. She is a great player and has a real presence on the team! A noticeable absence, when she isn’t playing. Worst person to train with has to be me. I am very easily distracted!

J: Worst person to train with is Danielle: laughs a lot during training sessions. It can be very off-putting! For me, the best has to be Billie Fletcher. Always so dedicated and focused.

E: For me, the best person to train is Nurhan Abbud; who is in this years Bottle. She is a Truro medic. During training sessions and matches, she can command the team! When she shouts, you definitely know about it! A real presence in the team; an invaluable player.

What’s your favourite type of Thursday night?

D: Takeout with the girls….

J: Pre-drinks with the girls and head into town to inevitably end up in Club I…

E: For me, it has to be a netball social! Same as Jen, pre- drinks and then head to Club I!

Who has the worst music taste?

D: It has to be Jen! She listens to really cheesy girly pop songs… but  the ones that are everyone’s secret guilty pleasure.

J: I’m going to have to say myself! Just because I’m into all the oldies and I have the dance moves to match! Say no more.

E: Definitely Jen. She blasts out all the old bangers and knows all the words to them!

Who has the worst dance moves?

D: Difficult question for me to answer! I can’t think of anyone in the team who really has the worst dance moves.

J: Again I’m going to have to say myself for this one!

E: Probably me because I have a signature move that is god awful!

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match and why?

D: My dad, he hasn’t seen me play much netball and he has never been to Bottle. I know his support on the sidelines would be priceless!

J: Definitely my parents, as they have been so supportive over the years.  Both of them, have always encouraged me to be active; always getting me involved in sport. They have never seen me play netball before. So, having them their especially for bottle would be incredible.

E: My mum, as she introduced me to the game. She started playing when she was 8 years old. She is the real reason I began to play netball. Back at home, I would play in her team. I just feel her encouragement at Bottle, would spur me on to play better.

What is your pre-match superstition and why?

D: I don’t have one personally. But before every match, as a team we gather together to chant “CSM”. I would say that is our team superstition!

J: On match day, I will eat a massive lunch- big bowl of pasta mainly! And then throughout the day, I try and drink a lot of water! Important to keep hydrated before the game.

E: This may sound a little crazy to some people! But on match day, I have to wear the same leggings and socks; sounds weird. It doesn’t mean we always win and I can’t explain why I do it. But its something I always have to do!