FXU Presidential Candidate promises to “build a wall and make Exeter pay for it”

Written by Annissa Warsame |



Noah Thompson, a first-year Graphic Design student at Falmouth University and candidate for the role of FXU President Falmouth, published his manifesto adjunct with a video today.

Noah Thompson’s Manifesto


Usually the candidates for FXU presidential roles announce their candidacy at the AGM (Annual General Meeting), which was this Friday. However, Thompson was the only candidate absent with Dan Collins (President the FXU Conservative Future Society) standing in as his spokesperson.

The manifesto pledges to build a wall and making only the University of Exeter foot the bill or getting paid to park on campus, these  are evidently not serious pledges.

Whereas Callie Edwards, his sole competitor for FXU President Falmouth, pledges to, for example, “make Wednesday afternoons free” to encourage more students to engage in extracurricular activities and produce a “You said, We Did” accountability report between University Departments and senior lecturers.

There has been a spoof campaign before, not too dissimilar to Thompson’s, by an ex-student with the sobriquet ‘Ronald K. Chump’ in 2016. However, this campaign is by an official candidate and seemingly is incomparable to any other in FXU history, with its controversial footing.

When questioned on the motives and anticipated reception of his campaign, Thompson’s response was this:


“The aim for the campaign is to bring attention to just how usless and un effective [sic] the NUS has become at representing students, I decided to use a funny campaign to draw attention to the issue because I think thats [sic] what would help engage people in the election the most.”


On the likelihood of winning in the election his response was:


“I really doubt we will win but you never know but as long as even some scrutiny gets put [sic] onto the NUS and the FXU in the process of this campaign then yes I would say its a win for us.”