Bottle Match: Introducing CSM Football

Meet the Football team representing our campus in the Bottle Match this year!

When: 3:00PM, 23rd February

Where: Dracaena Centre

Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design Matt Solomons.


Interview with the team, by Alexandria Bell

Dave Fawcett, 3rd Year Geography, 3rd Year, Captain, CB

Josh Oldridge, 2nd Year English and Maths (FCH), Secretary and Treasurer, CM

Lewis Judge, 1st Year Geology, 1st Year, CM

How has the season gone so far for you?

It’s going pretty well, we were unbeaten until last weekend when we lost to Mawnan. We’re now out of every cup bar one, and we’re playing Mawnan again. There have been a lot of games cancelled because of the weather so the end of the season will be a massive catch up.

Our training definitely gets more intense as we start the lead up to Bottle, and there are more people turning up to each session.


What does Bottle mean to you?
D: Biggest event of the year. It’s a varsity that’s been going for over a century. Probably the biggest crowd of our year with a real chance to play against another university and people our age.
J: Mainly the fact you’re playing in front of friends and peers, feels like your part of a bigger event. Not just the football team, part of a bigger sports team on campus. 
L: I haven’t played in one yet but it’s the chance of having some real competition with your team.

How does it feel to be selected?
D: When I was first year it was a good feeling, felt worthy and recognised since it’s the best side that goes up for Bottle.
J: A relief, I’m on the committee so would have been a big disappointment if I wasn’t. we’ve had a lot of good mid-centres come up, so it made me work harder (not that I slacked before) 
L: Over the moon, it’s nice to read my name on the list. I feel trusted, I am good enough. Definitely a confidence boost.

How many Bottles have you played in?
D: This will be my third, it’s a bit weird it’s going to be my last one. It feels like the mark that uni is finishing.
J: I played in London last year and we drew on a beautiful pitch. Its exciting to play at home this time, on our turf. See a different side of it. I’m glad to not be travelling so far, too.
L: I haven’t played in one yet, this is my first.

Tell us something about you that others won’t know
D: I’m from Stratford upon Avon and went to Shakespeare’s (supposed) school.
J: When I was eleven I had trials at Scunthorpe united as a goal keeper. I didn’t get in. 
L: I’ve played catch with Tim Henman at Wimbledon.

Who is your favourite sports hero and why?
D: Lewis Carey – Bristol City football, Mark Cavendish British cyclist, Johnny Wilkinson and David Beckham. If I had to pick one, it would be Beckham, a great footballer and beautiful specimen.
J: David Rudisha – runner, world record holder. Just a top guy. I have a lot of respect for the man. Never involved in any drug scandal just a genuine man.
L: Dennis Bergkamp, such a good footballer plays for my fave team arsenal and I feel like I play similar football to how he used to play.

Three reasons why you like being in a team sport?
1) The team spirit, doing things together as a group of mates 2) Chance to keep fit, physical activity 3) Something to do.
L: Moral, group of people around you all the time. Losing together, not on your own. You’re playing a game you all really enjoy, shared enjoyment.
J: Spirit as well, getting involved – being committee and events, when you’re out in town and you see someone you know from a sports team. I never have a lonely 2:00AM kebab.

Who is the best/worst person to train with in the team?
D: Best is Josh Oldridge, turns up every week and puts in a shift. Makes you feel good and working hard. Felix Nobes just an absolute nightmare, pre-Madonna. Incredible footballer but the extremely eloquent backchat you just can’t understand it, that’s how you know if he’s bored.
J: Best and worst is Felix Wieser. So enthusiastic, lives for training. But he gives you so much s**t if you do anything wrong.  
L: Best and worst is Josh. If he’s on your team then he’s great and always good fun. But when you’re against him you never touch the ball you’re just running around.

What’s your favourite type of Thursday night?
D: Pres with boys and then Club I…. there isn’t much choice in Falmouth.
J: Similar story, Club I and a six-inch subway followed by a good run home. 
L: Going to someone’s flat, casual drinks and McDonalds.

Who has the worst music taste?
D: Joshua Squires, ridiculous drum and bass. He always borrows my headphones and they feel dirty afterwards.
J: Josh Squires – even after it finishes he keeps making the noises with his mouth which is incredible, but you can’t get away from it. I love it and hate it.
L: Josh Squires, I wouldn’t know from personal experience, but I’ve heard the stories.

Who has the best dance moves?
D: Ernie. He has Ghanaian roots so he has got the rhythm. He knows what he’s doing.
J: Vice captain Rowley Dickinson, he doesn’t ever change it’s the gun fingers up but with the biggest smile you’ll see on a dance floor. 
L: Alby – he thinks he can dance.

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match and why?
D: My old man, he’s watched me since I was three years old. Week after week regardless of the weather. I miss his Scottish shouting from the side.
J: The whole Sheffield Wednesday. 
L: My family, mostly my sister because she’s been to basically every game since she was born, waiting on the side lines in her pram even in the snow.

What is your pre-match superstition?
D: I have to make sure I get up early, cold shower (no warm water allowed), I always go for a half hour walk after the shower, when I get to the game I always do my laces up twice before the game.
J: So, pasta is good for you. On match day I stick in egg in whilst I’m boiling my pasta and have the boiled egg with my pasta whilst watching Australian soccer (A League football).
L: Before I put my phone away, if my girlfriend hasn’t text me to have a good game then it’s always a poor game. I also try to leave the changing room last, and then jump twice as I get on to the pitch.