Bottle Match: Introducing CSM Badminton

Meet the Badminton team representing our campus in the Bottle Match this year!

When: 2:30PM, Friday 23rd February
Where: Penryn Campus Sports Centre


Credit: Photographers Rich Price and Lloyd Churchouse. Design Matt Solomons.


Interview with the team

Alexandria Bell, 3rd Year English, President

Nic Batten, 2nd Year Geography, Men’s Captain

Yin Ling Tan, 3rd Year Conservation Biology and Ecology, Ladies Captain

How has the season gone so far for you?
Smashing, our Men’s A have won all of their matches and only dropped four sets this season. Ladies have had a tough start to the season but with good results. We’re training hard as a team in preparation for Bottle and the rest of our season.

What does bottle mean to you?
It’s the only time when our teams really come together in a sporting way, the atmosphere and support is amazing. It’s great to have an event where everyone can be involved.
Y: Being involved in the one of the oldest varsity in UK is pretty cool.  
N: Bottle is a fantastic opportunity to play in a competitive varsity that we usually don’t get (being so far down south) and to showcase the badminton team’s talent.

How does it feel to be selected?
It’s really exciting to be representing the team and campus, especially in my final year.
Y: A privilege.
N: I’m really proud to represent our campus in our only varsity match. Although I helped with the selection so…

How many bottles have you played in?
A: The badminton match was cancelled in my first year so it’s my first time actually playing!
N: This is my first.

Tell us something about you that others won’t know
A: When I was younger I sang in two operas and a West End musical.
Y: I used to be a swimmer and gymnast but stopped them all to focus on badminton, not sure whether I made the right decision…
N: I didn’t actually start playing badminton till I was about 12, before that I used to throw javelin and was top 100 in the country for my age at my peak.

Who is your favourite sports hero and why?
A: Serena Williams. She’s a joy to watch, one of the best and highest achieving athletes in the world and I love the fact she’s an advocate for feminism. She’s inspirational.  
Joseph Schooling because he’s the first Singaporean to win an Olympic medal in swimming. He’s also born on the same day as me and I used to swim with him, so he makes amazing sporting achievements seem more possible.
N: Roger Federer. To be able to achieve so much in a life time, especially to continue to do so at a higher age than everyone else on the tour is something to aspire to.

Three reasons why you like being in a team sport?
A: Definitely the friendships you build, the competition and it’s great for confidence.
Y: 1) The encouragements from friends in the same team. 2) The whole team spirit, having people with similar goals strive towards them together. 3) Best of all, the cheers from your team when you do something super good.
N: The social aspect, rewarding to help each other develop as players and as men’s captain it’s a great responsibility to be at the head of a developing team.

Who is the best/worst person to train with in the team?
Yin’s the best person for me, she always makes me want to play my best and is super encouraging on those ‘off days’.
Best person to train is Alex Shaw when he’s doing well. He’s really enthusiastic to learn more and helps me out loads as well. PARTNERS!!
N: Alex Shaw. One minute he won’t be able to serve, the next he hits a ridiculous cross-court slice, but we always have a laugh on court.

What’s your favourite type of Thursday night?
A: I always enjoy having chilled drinks in The Shed or Chintz
Y: Honestly, just staying home with the man and cats, watching a movie or documentary.
N: Big pres with my group then having no plan and just letting the night take us… mostly through the golden gates of Club I.

Who has the worst music taste?
A: Going to have to say Lewis, how can you not know Bieber?!
ALEX SHAW. Sorry Alex, I just can’t deal with your car music.
N: Lewis Ransom (sorry Lewis but that’s what you get for not knowing Justin Bieber…)

Who has the best dance moves?
A: Nic and Shaw, for sure
Y: Nic is pretty good
Definitely Alex Shaw

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match and why?
My sister, she’s a great player and coach. It’s usually me watching her matches so it would be cool to have her here to watch.
Rodney (my boyfriend) because he’s my rock and he will tell me things I didn’t do right so I can improve
My old coach, who coached me from the age of 12, as he would always find a way for me to improve my game and find a weakness in my opponent’s style of playing

What is your pre-match superstition?
A: Eating far too much pasta beforehand, and then three quick jumps before the first serve.
Y: Nothing for badminton but I used to eat chicken wings (so I can fly) before swimming so I may just do that for badminton as well.
N: When I walk onto court, I will always skid my foot across the T at the front, dunno why… and then drop my racket before five points.