10 Reasons Why You Should Vote Labour & Join FXU Labour Society

Will Rees

There are more reasons than ever to get involved with FXU Labour Society and the Labour Party as a whole. 2018 is looking to be an exciting year for us, and I’d like to detail some of the reasons why likeminded students should join us and help make a difference – today.

  1. You can meet likeminded students who believe in principles of democratic socialism.
  2. We welcome all within the broad church of Labour.
  3. Get active! We can be a springboard for getting involved with the local party.
  4. We are opposed to astronomically high university tuition fees which are driving many students into debt. We also believe that universities should better respect their staff, and not give out ridiculously high salaries to chancellors, while their staff have not had significant real wage increases in years.
  5. Never put a price on your health! The NHS is being underfunded by our current government, and this is becoming a real crisis.
  6. The Conservatives have a weak agenda for young people. Since losing the youth vote in the 2017 election, some Tories have talked of developing marketing strategies for young voters. They seem to prefer doing this to actually creating policies for young people!
  7. The Tories’ austerity regime, i.e. cutting public services, disproportionately affects those from poorer backgrounds. Cuts to disability allowance, and new welfare criteria, mean that a number of people with disabilities are now being forced into low paid jobs.
  8. The Tories have failed by their own standards. They say they are ‘strong and stable’, but since they came into government in 2010, we have had some of British politics’ most turbulent years in in living memory. They say they are good with the economy, but our economic growth and productivity has continually lagged behind other developed nations. They talked of Labour’s ‘coalition of chaos’, but they are the ones that went into coalition with the Lib Dems, and who are currently in agreement with the DUP. Join Labour Soc to help expose this hypocrisy!
  9. The Equality Trust has recently described the UK as having a “very high level of income inequality compared to other developed countries”. The Tories have cut public services whilst inequality has greatly risen. The Labour Party offers an alternative to this. It will invest in public services that benefit everyone, ensuring that nobody gets left behind. It is unacceptable that while hundreds of thousands of people now rely on foodbanks, there are those who are extremely rich, and who do not always pay their taxes. We want an economy that works for everybody, not just the privileged few!
  10. Labour Soc has a wide variety of entertaining and engaging events for people with varying interests and talents. These include fun discussions, campaigning, socials, crafts sessions, guest speakers, movie screenings and loads of other great stuff. All welcome!