Bottle Match 2018: Everything you need to know

By Alexandria Bell

As the Bottle Match fast approaches, find out exactly what it is, how to get involved and see exclusive content from the Falmouth Anchor.

Credit: Taliesin Coombes

The Bottle Match is the biggest, and most momentous, sporting event of the year for the student community of the Falmouth University and University of Exeter Penryn Campus. Since 2004 when sports teams were first formed for the campus under the already established name of CSM, there has been an ever-increasing unity between students, staff and the wider community as the teams have expanded to compete and play socially in local Cornish leagues.

The Bottle is a way for these teams to celebrate their history and come together in an annual varsity played between the sports teams of Camborne School of Mines (CSM), University of Exeter, and their rivals from the Royal School of Mines (RSM), Imperial College London, in a truly historic event with the first recorded match between the two sides dating back to 1902; one of the oldest in the country.

The tradition of the match came about as a three ft tin bottle, now embossed with the RSM crest, was ‘acquired’ from a lorry and from then on used to award the winning team of the rugby match between the two schools. The now prestigious Bottle Match picked up more interest and vigour year after year, expanding from just Rugby to a whole variety of teams competing over the annual weekend to win the esteemed bottle. This brings us to the 116th anniversary of the match, and it is our turn to host.

The last ten years have admittedly been disappointing for CSM, with only three wins and one draw. But with the increased support after a commotion which almost saw the cancellation of the Bottle late last year, and the loss of the bottle in London last year, the CSM sports teams are determined to make history with the backing of students and residents alike, and are hoping to encourage as many supporters as possible to come to all of the matches that will be taking place across a variety of local grounds, especially for the closing game of the varsity – the rugby match which will take place on the 24th February, kick off at 2:30pm.

The seven teams we have representing our campus this year are Badminton, Football, Netball, Hockey Men’s, Hockey Women’s, Lacrosse and Rugby.

The Falmouth Anchor Sports Editors will be introducing one team for each day this week in the build up to the Bottle, bringing you exclusive photos and interviews from the captains and their teammates that you will be supporting as they compete to win back the Bottle from RSM.

Across the two-day event Falmouth Anchor will be releasing live updates and coverage of all the events which you can follow on our Facebook and Twitter.


You can find all of the CSM Bottle Match events on Facebook, and spectator tickets are now available from The Stannary (£8) which include entry into all of the events and the after party. There are also Bottle Match hoodies are available from the CSM Museum (£15).


With special thanks to all the sports captains, to photographers Richard Price and Lloyd Churchouse, and Matt Solomons for design; all of whom invested their own time to help contribute to the profile project.