*Opinion* A Call to Return to the Glory Days of Fitfinder

What even is Fitfinder? An opinionated response authored by Elliot Shirnia

Credits: Fitfinder FB Page

When I came to write this, it hit me that I didn’t know what to say. Fitfinder is a thing we all know about, sure, but I wanted to show everyone the value of Fitfinder.

Fitfinder used to be a site dedicated to bad (but very funny) memes, drunk people’s crushes and complaints about university; this is all important content that we need to retain. Because, at uni it’s very easy to become bogged down in the depths of studying (or procrastinating) and the ability to watch a video of someone stripping in Falmouth town centre should not be underestimated (I apologise to the people in the library I was sat near when I first watched that, I tried to leave as quickly as I could, but I shrieked loud enough for you all to hear). To be able to let off steam in an uncensored, comical, safe environment is truly great and we shouldn’t let this service be overrun by boring comments about someone’s ‘cracked iPhone 5 they’re trying to sell for fifty quid and a bag of nuts’.

Fitfinder Page (19/01/18)


Similarly, confessions of love over Fitfinder never fail to amuse; now I don’t mean to sound rude, but let’s all be honest for a minute, there’s nothing funnier than seeing someone’s drunken post on Fitfinder from 3am about how they want to marry the person they just met at Club I. It’s like our own little soap opera with characters we don’t know, and I don’t know about you but I always hope it works out because if you’ve gone through that embarrassment it better be worth it.

Sadly, today the page is overrun by those who want to flog novelty items or those looking for something they’ve lost. While I appreciate the importance of returning those items, it does a shame that the true purpose of Fitfinder has been lost, buried under boring posts that simply don’t provide us with the relaxing, soft entertainment as they once used to.

Fitfinder Page (17/01/18)

This is why we need to go back to the glory days of Fitfinder, enough with the posts about selling stuff, enough with locals complaining about trolleys and students complaining about parking. What we want, no, deserve, is a page dedicated to drunken attraction, campus memes and people messing around enjoying themselves.