Top 10 tips to start a new successful society

Harrith Patel

  1. Have a passion and zeal for the society you are starting

    When starting a society, you must have a clear goal on what you’re trying to achieve and make sure you set realistic goals because there isn’t anything worse than finishing the year and not meeting your goals because you were being too optimistic.

  2. Find a dedicated committee

    A key aspect of a strong society is a dedicated committee that will not only do their part in their respective roles, but also have the ability to support the society in other aspects as well. Teamwork is very important when working in a society, although one committee member can be given a personal task, keeping other members up to date is important in case their help is needed.

  3. Delegate tasks adhering to committee’s strength

    Delegating tasks to your committee would help you out in the long run, by delegating tasks the committee will be able to complete them in a timely fashion and to a high standard than if one committee member was to complete these tasks themselves.

  4. Brainstorm ideas before Academic year starts

    Prepare yourself for the busy start of the year by making sure that before term starts, you have fresher’s week because it will be very hectic! By having your plan of action ready the week would go smoothly for your society.

  5. Know your budget

    Budgeting should be a top priority for you and your society because keeping on top of your finances is very important because you don’t want to get half way through the second term and realise you don’t have sufficient funds for a end of year social.

  6. Know your audience

    By knowing your audience, you can tailor your approach in attracting the members you need in your society for it to be successful. Something to keep in mind is that it’s always better to have fewer members who share your passion and religiously attend your events and you can build a relationship with them than have a lot of members who don’t really come to your societies events.

  7. Research and network with similar societies

    Something to keep in mind is that other societies are not the competition! Your society can benefit greatly by working with other societies such as for fundraising for a common cause.

  8. Creating social media pages before the society has started

    By having an active social media platform prior to the start of the year and actively posting, you will be able to garner prior attention for your society and you’ll be able to start the new year. But better.

  9. Set up collaborations with other societies
    By combining two societies for events you will have a larger basket of resources to utilise to create the best experience for members of both societies.

  10. Have Fun

    The most important thing to remember when running a society is that you have to enjoy yourself! Remember the real reason as to why you started it and at the end of the day, societal activities are supposed to be fun!

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