Creative Highlights from 2017

By Jessica Cohen

FXU Creative Writing Society

It is true to say that fewer and fewer of us take to reading literature on a daily basis; perhaps this is due to the rise of social media, the decrease in our attention spans, or the increase of digital forms of entertainment. Therefore, being able to write well has never been more important.
As a society, we aim to create a safe space for writers to write and share their work. These are a few examples provided by our members of work produced within our weekly sessions:
Response to the Phone number poem challenge. A one answer question, By Matthew Woolley

Any question, from ground to blue sky.
I asked the most important question – why?
And the reply?
Nothing, was this the brutal, honest truth?
But of what?
The most important – remember what you’ve got.
Don’t expect happiness from answers to big questions.
But listen to everyone’s suggestions.


Colour Week. Green, By Lara Petty

In lands by Fortune favoured

The light itself is dyed;

Filtered through a canopy

Of giants;


Here all things thrive In eternal emerald haze Unmatched multitudes –

Of Life.


If Life were a lady I know just what she’d wear –

Enshrouded in her life-blood-hue: Green.


Short Story Week, by Amber Jackson.
Premise given: Anthony Adams, 36, recently divorced from his wife, questioned by police, dropped charges, however, his wife’s new boyfriend is suspicious…


As Robert stepped out into the hallway, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. For reasons that he couldn’t comprehend, he felt his eyes drawn to the carpet on the stairs. It was practically threadbare and yellowed with antiquity. Robert shivered, what an ugly looking thing. All battered and neglected, a symbol of the marriage that belonged in this place, perhaps. But why did it make him feel so uneasy?


That was when he spotted the drop of blood at the foot of the bannister. It was a deep scarlet and obviously aged, but it was still visible. With a start, the younger man’s head snapped up. Anthony was still standing by the kitchen door, a mere shadow in the dimly lit hallway. He had a sinister look about him and Robert’s stomach dropped.


“Anthony – ” Robert began, his voice wavering, “is this blood… at the bottom of the staircase?”


Anthony moved closer. The atmosphere was charged – Robert could feel his fingertips tingling. The balding man broke into a macabre grin.


“Surely you knew that Cindy was a vegan, Robert. Why would vegans have something like blood at the bottom of their staircase? It’s just not plausible.”


“No,” Robert’s anger was rising rapidly, he’s messing with me. “She was only a vegan to make you happy.”


Anthony’s laugh ripped through the agonising tension. It was painful to Robert’s ears, but he kept his exterior calm.


“Do you honestly think you know my wife better than I do?” Anthony snarled.


Robert yelled out, “she’s not your wife, Anthony!” He exhaled sharply, “not anymore. She doesn’t love you.”


Anthony’s smile remained. Sitting down on the stairs, he began to gently stroke the aging carpet, his eyes wide and fixed on the bottom step. Robert was terrified and. Gulping back his adrenaline, he managed to string together his final question.


“Where is Cindy, Anthony… What the hell have you done with her?”



Many of our members are working on larger bodies of work, which we hope we will all one day see published. However, we also have many people within the society who are new to writing and who want to test all the different areas of writing. During the weekly meetings, members have the choice to either work on and edit their work, or to join in as part of the group activity, which is usually based along a theme. From poetry to story boards, colours to prompt words, the different ways to start writing are endless once you begin.
If you would like to get involved, you can like our Facebook page (FXU Creative Writing Society) or come along to one of our weekly meetings at 6:00 on Tuesday afternoons in Du Maurier Seminar Room N.