REVIEW: Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions, Confessions and Life Lessons

By Amber Jackson

This is an autobiographical book, released in November 2017, and written by Dodie Clark (dodie), an English singer song-writer and YouTuber. She is well-known for her original songs and song covers, which she releases on her YouTube channels. In 2016 and 2017, she released two incredibly successful and beautifully made EPs and has written a book detailing her journey and what it has entailed.


But this isn’t your average “oh look, I’m a YouTuber who can write words” book.


Reading it over Christmas, I was instantly hooked, primarily because I was in awe at how well-written it is! Dodie’s writing talent surpasses penning emotive lyrics; she doesn’t dumb her story down, nor does she use elevated language to sound superior – it is the perfect balance and entirely her own unique voice.


She writes about her hardships in a way that resonate with so many people who admire her. She candidly covers deeply personal topics such as her struggles with her mental health, overcoming a manipulative relationship, dealing with loss and the challenging process of discovering your sexuality, which are events that many have experienced within their own lives, yet struggle to put into words. There is no pretence with this book. Dodie gives the most raw and eye-opening of her personal journey by using her powerful ability to connect to her audience with her words. Her words comfort and support so many who love the lyrics in her songs, or the wisdom behind her storytelling, which can only come from the experiences that she’s had.


“When I feel like I’m going mad I write”


Dodie also seeks comfort in her writing, which you may find relatable if you also find solace in any form of writing. However, the incredible thing about this is that she takes her comfort and broadcasts it to thousands, if not millions, of people across the world, in the form of a book. It’s not pretentious or forced. Dodie is entirely real. And those who love her, love her even more for that.



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