New Year, A New Style

Written by George Friend

Christmas has arrived on the front of our houses, decorated with bright starry lights and warm invites into the windows of homes from the cold crisp air. The smell of festive foods and warm shades fill our wardrobes. Unfitted shapes, hide our collecting Christmas stomachs but it doesn’t stop us from throwing a chic look for winter. After the Gucci and Prada Parisian hat shapes made their stamp on the late autumn, early winter 2017 forecasts. It got one thinking, what does January have for us to indulge in?

It’s a new year, a refreshed you and it’s time to move on from the winter woollies. It’s time to find our feet again after losing them for a while, one has found fitting a style for a new prospectus is hard, but hey if Raf Simmons can slip perfectly into the head designer of Calvin Klein then I can help you readers show you how to wear your party season outfits in January.

Dulling Down Sequins

Keeping the sparkle going throughout January you will need to adjust the look. One tip, less is more though, you would be encouraged to do the sequin on sequin in December, the look no longer feels quite right. Taming this party look is to aim for these slouchy shapes, luxe fabrics and effective designs. Think of a sequin skirt with a navy or dark oversized jumper (like the photograph,) or co-ord your used New Year’s Eve by teaming up with trousers and mohair knit in green or grey, or something with an embellished top or with gingham or check trousers and the look will serve you well.

Bring A Bit Of Denim

Though we have the January blues, we all have a special place in our hearts of a little denim number.  Reworking your party gear instantly gives you a casual feel. Whereas with a tuxedo and tailored jacket with a pair of Mom jeans and a washed indigo jacket would team this well.

Or partnered with a denim pencil skirt styled with an embellished denim jacket completes a chic look. January may be dull but doesn’t mean our wardrobes have to be.

Whatever you do, don’t put it on your shoulder!

May it not include itself in the January look book for wearability (the backless ball gown.)

Something that glimmers on your arm is a sequinned and jewelled clutch bag, makes it a lot more wearable than the gown.  A suitable accessory for a printed midi dress, with a logo sweatshirt or plumping pink/blue tracksuit bottoms, regardless of the season or the occasion. This look will serve a January occasion.

Living For The Velvet

Long were the days where velvet was considered the ultimate party season look. Which is amazing because those days are further away than OZ and Toto let’s stay in Kansas for this whirlwind look. Because this scrumptious fabric is comfortable and it serves a glamorous look all at the same time. Served with a Gucci look alike and a trainer pump, it’s almost like we have the 2006 Paris Hilton back in action. But accompany this attire correctly and it will prove chicness instead of cheapness.

Jazzy Jewellery

Last season we witnessed grown-up chockers, chandelier earrings and a variety of party jewellery. Needn’t be locked up until the Christmas, completely opposite in fact, it could be the item that creates your look. Though with this look, take a more moderate approach. Which will make it more j’adore than Pat Butcher. Limit yourself a one-piece jewellery statement and let it hang amongst cosy knitwear and artless skirting.

So, there you have it my colourful readers, January fashion at its best. I always thought January was an odd month for fashion, do we strap on our winter wellies and Paddington rain coats and leave fashion at the front door? No, we simply apply it the best way possible and remain looking chic as always. Until next time reader.