Weekly Societies & Volunteering Round-Up (November 14th — 19th)

Despite looming deadlines, societies have been as fabulous as always with some really exciting events lined up for this week!


HerpSoc go to the zoo zoo zoo! 

HerpSoc headed to Paignton Zoo this week and had a talk by Luke Harding, Head of the Lesser Vertebrates and Invertebrates, who spoke on the function of modern zoos, research collaborations, and advances in husbandry.

Lizzie Upson, Treasurer, said of the event “It was such an amazing opportunity to see so many incredible animals and it completely changed how I think about the exhibits at zoos.”


LOST raises over £3k for Alzheimer’s Society

FXU RAD hosted their annual LOST hitch event on Saturday with teams being sent further, raising more and getting back later than ever before!

Eleven teams raised over £3,000 for Alzheimer’s Society, their Charity of the Year.


Green Living Host Allotment Gig

Green Living society will be hosting a gig in the Walled Garden on 22nd November from 6pm for all (non-members included). It will be a chance for people to visit the allotments and find out more about the society. There will be light acoustic music, weaving for the allotment fencing and clay pot painting.

Collaboration fundraises over £150 for Disaster Emergency Commiteee

GeogSoc, History Society, Politics Society and FXU RAD raise over £150 for the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Rohingya Appeal. Events included a guest lecture given by Michael Foster, a quiz, a film screening and a discourse.

Tabletop Gaming Society host ‘Watch the Skies’

The Tabletop Gaming Society will be hosting a large scale game on 25th November from 9am until 6pm that can best be described as a mix between the model UN and Risk but with aliens thrown into the mix.

Adam Taylor, Members Rep of the society commented: “All of us in the organising team are really looking forward to seeing the situations and conflicts that will arise over the day, as well as whatever creative means people will come up with to resolve them.”