YesTheory: a lifestyle of never saying no.

YouTube is possibly one of the most diverse platforms on the whole internet. There is everything from toy review channels to flat-earth truth channels and everything in between.

Because of this, it was no surprise to me when I stumbled on the channel YesTheory. Their aim is to essentially do things that are way out of everyday comfort and normality and to never say no to anything. This ethos has led the group to do everything from swapping houses with strangers for a day to sneaking into 3 movie premieres.

This style of videos has obviously paid off as the group has amassed 450,000 subscribers. I chatted with Matt, a member of the team about what they do and some of the weirder parts of their job. Speaking about the aim of the movement he said they wanted  “To create a movement of people who challenge their fears and follow their dreams, in the process making the world a braver and kinder place”. This movement Matt spoke of has grown drastically in recent years, just last month the group took 30 of their fans with them to build houses in Nicaragua due to its extreme poverty.

However, not all the stuff they do is as serious as this. Speaking of the craziest thing they’ve ever done Matt said: “Doing Project 30, where we did 30 things in 30 days that we’ve never done before. We’ve done it twice: once in Montreal and once in the Caribbean.  It totally changed our perspective on life and increased our willingness to chase life outside of our comfort zones.” During the project 30 challenge, they uploaded a different challenge every day ranging from making a painting and selling it to an art gallery to only speaking a different language for the whole day to getting invited to a strangers wedding. They have done this twice now and both times the challenges they have completed have been absolutely insane. Sometimes the challenges go too far like the time they ran into a Mexican drug cartel or the time they were kicked out of a wedding for not being invited.

It is, of course, no surprise that this sort of career can be hard to financially keep up. Despite the fact that a lot of the challenges they do are completely free and rely on strangers to help them they do struggle to keep it going. Matt said they struggle with “Maintaining financial sustainability while going all out with our content…it’s a tough balance to achieve both”.

The lifestyle they chose to live is very radical especially considering where the team came from. All of them came from very successful places. One member originally ran a successful clothes store, another had a scholarship for a top university and another was a successful startup manager. Despite this, the group has no regrets “No regrets ever. You sacrifice certain things to gain better things. If we hadn’t made those decisions we wouldn’t be where we are today. And where we are is a pretty happy place”.

The team has big plans for the future, especially as their channel continues to drastically grow. Speaking about the future Matt said: “We have more show formats coming, an app, board game, a festival, and we even want to buy properties around the world where people who live by the Yes Theory can post up, meet each other and work out of there.” They also plan on continuing to do all of the adventures they haven’t done yet, the biggest challenge they want to complete? “going to space”.