Weekly Societies Round-Up (November 6th — 13th)

It’s been another exciting week for FXU Societies with fundraising events, exciting trips and collaborations!

Video Gaming Society raise over £130 for charity

This week Video Gaming Society hosted their first 24 hour LAN party for the year. The event has been running for the last two years and raises money for Special Effect which allows people with disabilities to play games.

All members are invited to come along with consoles, laptops, PCs and any other gaming stations.

Alex Pickard, Events Manager of the society, said that the event allows disabled people to “enjoy gaming as much as everyone else in our community”.

At the end of the event VGSoc managed to raise just over £130 which is the most they’ve ever raised at our LAN events!


Film Society presents ‘The Dark Knight’

Film Society are hosting another film screening this week for ‘The Dark Knight’!

Ash Hunt, President of the society, said of the screening: “The Dark Knight is seen as THE Batman movie, and is regarded as one of the best superhero films ever made. Come along and re-live the stunning story of Batman and The Joker, directed by the great Christopher Nolan, in the best way; the SoFT Cinema.”

Pop along for a great night!

Conservative Society clean Gylly Beach

 The Conservative society did a litter pick on Gyllyngvase Beach this week with the Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) campaign, Glen Carne Housing & Support, and local MP Sarah Newton.

BYOB Campaign said of the event: “it was great to see a collaborative action to tidy up the coast and share ideas on climate change and the importance of going plastic free!”


Tabletop Gaming Society host ‘Watch the Skies’  

The Tabletop Gaming Society will be hosting a large scale game on 25th November from 9am until 6pm that can best be described as a mix between the model UN and Risk but with aliens thrown into the mix.

Adam Taylor, Members Rep of the society commented: “All of us in the organising team are really looking forward to seeing the situations and conflicts that will arise over the day, as well as whatever creative means people will come up with to resolve them.”


HerpSoc are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

On 19th November, HerpSoc are off to Paignton Zoo Environmental Park. The event will include travel to anf from the zoo as well as an exclusive talk and behind the scenes tour!

This provides an amazing opportunity to explore one of the best zoos in the country, seeing a collection of about 2000 animals, representing almost 300 species!

To find out more, check out the FXU website!