Making a Little Change to Help Tackle Climate Change – Are you Ready to Take the No Poo Challenge?

Written by Ash Farber

On Friday 17th November, students from the Climate Change and Society module will be setting up stalls around campus, asking you to make a pledge. These pledges are all about committing to making small changes in your life to be part of growing movements in sustainability. Not only that, by creating this event Professor Catherine Leyshon won an FXU award for the most innovative assessment method as her classes make students take their knowledge from the classroom to a greater audience.  From not buying produce packed in plastic; to changing to reusable menstrual cups; to reducing your food waste, these are all small changes in our lives that collectively can make a big impact on the planet.

One group is asking you to make a pledge to take part in the ‘No Poo challenge’. While this may sound rather strange to many people, this lifestyle change has recently been gathering momentum on social media. No Poo is the alternative to shampoo, and as the name suggests it doesn’t involve shampoo, in fact it only involves water to wash your hair. By disrupting the daily hygiene routine of washing your hair, you allow your body to take back control and your hair effectively washes itself.  Not only does it appear that you don’t need a daily hair wash, it can also be damaging to your health as some medical research has linked parabens (an ingredient in shampoo) with breast cancer.

So now you are probably wondering how shampoo has anything to do with climate change? Well for starters, around 80% of your shampoo is just water. This results in lots of fuel being used to unnecessarily ship water around the globe, contributing to our ever growing problem of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. All this water is also packaged up in plastic bottles, plastic bottles which will be on this earth for thousands of years, washing up on beaches around the world and causing a variety of problems with our natural environment.

All these problems seem so unnecessary where there is a perfectly suitable solution that’s healthier for your head and for your planet. That’s why team ‘No Poo Thank Yoo’ are asking you to take part in the 3 step pledge to make a change.

Step 1: wash your hair fewer times a week

Step 2: use a solid shampoo bar

Step 3: take the ‘no poo’ challenge

When hearing about climate change and global warming it is easy to feel isolated and helpless to do anything about it. However, it is important to remember that if many people make these small changes, we can make a big difference to the course of our planet, so maybe you too can start saving the world in the shower and take part in the 3 step pledge!

Follow on Twitter @nopoothankyoo and search ‘No Poo Thank Yoo’ on Facebook to find out more about the movement, or come along to the event on the 17th of November to see the variety of sustainable changes you can make to help in the fight against climate change. If you would like to take the pledge, go to and sign the petition to show your support!