Say Hello to Hiventi

The prospect of cooking for yourself at university usually sees students taking one of two routes. You either take the plunge and dedicate each evening trying to get your Spag Bol to look a little more like it does in that cookbook you bought, or you decide that you’ll be just fine living off rice and beans or ordering Domino’s every night.

Whatever route you take, you’ll have to sacrifice your time, your health or your cash. Now with deadlines looming ever closer, the struggle to keep up with cooking or to resist splashing your loan on takeaways is becoming even more difficult.

We believe we’ve found the solution.

Say Hello to Hiventi, a new student-led start up business based at our very own Penryn Campus.

Hiventi provides students with access to quality local meals at affordable prices. They work with local suppliers, who receive orders twice a week, which are cooked the night before being delivered to campus for free collection or straight to your door in Penryn or Falmouth. All it takes is a few minutes in the microwave and you’ve got a fast, healthy meal ready to be eaten.

With six meals to choose from (three containing meat and three suitable for vegans), each dish costs just £5 and must be ordered using the Hiventi website to be delivered on Monday and Thursday each week. With free delivery included in the price, you won’t find a better deal in Cornwall.

Better yet, Hiventi is offering every customer a free subscription until November 18th (which normally costs a monthly fee of £1.99) so that the price of each meal is reduced to £4.20 per meal.

Making student lives easier

The idea behind Hiventi stems from the desire to save students time and money, while ensuring that a healthy lifestyle is maintained. In 2012, the Education Reforms resulted in the tripling of Universities fees from £3000 to £9000, soaring average student debt levels to reach above £40,000 after graduation. This and the increasing costs of living meant that access to affordable, locally sourced food that is balanced and good for you became a luxury and a challenge.

Credit: Hannah Corden

The ultimate goal of making student lives better was clear in Hiventi co-founder and CEO, Antoine Russegger. During our first meeting, he showed a genuine passion for ensuring that students get the best deal possible when it comes to feeding themselves, and was kind enough to allow me to try a sample of one of the six meals on the menu, PiriPiri Chicken.

Credit: Matt Solomons.

The meal, delivered chilled in a stuffed-to-the-brim tupperware, was fully prepared by just a few minutes in the microwave. From first glance, you could tell that it had been homemade from the plumpness of the chicken, as compared to the standard supermarket ready meal which, at times, looks like rubber on a plate.

The overall taste of the PiriPiri Chicken meal did not disappoint either. In what was a very generous portion size, the sauce, noodles and kale all blended effortlessly together and wasn’t too spicy for my taste. Most importantly, it was unmistakably fresh, as it should be having been cooked just the night before. It was exactly like eating the second portion of the previous evening’s dinner you had saved, with the difference being I didn’t have to spend any time preparing it in the first place.

Credit: Adam Cox. A clean plate and a happy customer.

Despite only trying the one meal, my first taste of Hiventi was immensely positive. Both the business and product come across as ensuring that, above all, the needs of the consumer are put first. The effort to deliver to students on campus and at home at a reasonable price is also reflected in the homemade quality of the dishes. If you’re finding yourself stuck in the library more and more over the next few weeks, forget the takeaway and consider ordering local from Hiventi!

For more information, make sure you visit Hiventi’s official website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.