Many Hands Make Light Work

Amber Patterson

credit: CUC Instagram

At risk of losing our only climbing wall, we found ourselves disappointed and aggravated to no end.

For so many wonderful reasons, including the safe and controlled environments they provide, you can find climbing walls in nearly all major cities and a multitude of school and gym buildings. With climbing being one of the world’s fastest growing recreational activities, turning our attention to protecting the only climbing wall in the whole of Cornwall was of utmost importance.

One of the many reasons our community appreciates Granite Planet is because it provides people of all ages with the ability to perform regular exercise, and with the standard of health in the UK being a frequently raised topic we’re more than aware of the desperate need to keep ourselves healthy. By activating all major muscle groups within the human body simultaneously, climbing provides a full-body workout of both strength and cardio for a widely diverse demographic. It also promotes healthy spinal alignment and has been used as treatment for mental health disorders – even the NHS has praised climbing for its benefits on physical and mental health:

Another highly important role our climbing wall plays lies in building a sense of community. For many people over the years, Granite Planet has acted as a place to form friendships and spend time with other people who enjoy our sport. Having witnessed many young climbers from various clubs (such as the Scouts) smiling and laughing at our local centre, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to replace this building with more university accommodation, without attempting to help build a new wall elsewhere. As a member of the CUC Climbing Club, I’m more than aware of how much the university students in the area – particularly those who climb as part of the society – appreciate what the centre provides; it’s the perfect place to find a belaying partner or pick up tips on technique from other climbers.

As well as benefiting the recreational livelihood of many community members, it’s also a place of work for many people, including myself, who need the incomes provided by Granite Planet in order to live. And of course, the centre is primarily a place of learning. While indoor climbing is a worthwhile pursuit in it’s own right, it’s also necessary to learn in a centre before climbing outdoors and Granite Planet has always offered an accessible range of climbing tuition and First Aid courses.

To everyone who has supported Granite Planet and aided us in conserving Cornwall’s indoor climbing community, we are MORE than appreciative of your time and effort. As things begin to look ever more positive, we want to thank you for helping our cause and standing with us through our moments of uncertainty, which would not have been overcome without this incredible community.