Weekly Societies Round-Up (October 31st – November 7th)

It’s been a great week for FXU Societies with lots of upcoming events, new projects and collaborations!


FXU GeogSoc presents ExeTED Talks 

FXU GeogSoc has been paving the way this week for academic guest lectures with the creation of ExeTED Talks! The event will run from 12-1:30pm on Wednesday 8th in PL Lecture 4 and consists of four of the lecturers giving a short, fifteen-minute talk on their current research.


Geology for Global Development attend Conference

CSM Geology for Global Development (GfGD) went up to London for the fifth annual GfGD Conference. The focus of the event was sustainable cities and they discussed how geosciences along with other disciplines can help to implement a sustainable future when science is communicated successfully to communities.

Hannah Ritchie, President of GfGD said of the event: “it was a great opportunity to see the important work that GfGD have been doing towards helping to implement the sustainable development goals”.

Join the FXU GfGD society or check out the GfGD website to keep up to date!


Global Justice Now presents: Sibongile Tshabalala 

For their second event, the recently affiliated FXU Global Justice Now society are hosting guest speaker Sibongile Tshabalala on Friday 10th November at Woodlane Lecture 1 from 5:30-9pm.

Sibongile has spent years protesting and pressuring corporations, as well as the South African government, for access to essential medication. HIV, cancer, tuberculosis and hepatitis C are just some of the diseases people in South Africa can’t afford treatment for because of the huge prices set by drugs companies.

To find out more, pop along to the event or check out the FXU website.

The Rohingya Crisis in Mynamar: A Collaboration

On Wednesday 15th November, History Society, GeogSoc, Politics Society and RAD will kick off their series of events raising awareness of the situation in Myanmar with a guest lecture by Michael Foster from 6-7:30pm in DDM A.

The societies will also be raising funds for the Disaster Emergency Committee so do pop along to the events if you can and stay tuned!