Hard-fought weekend for Kernow Ultimate at Mixed Indoor Regionals

Jolyon Blackwell
Edited by Hannah Davies

Image of both first and second teams after finishing the tournament. Back row, left to right: Jake McPherson, Olly Stewart, Luna Tilles, Thomas Easterbrook, Chloe Hampton, Arthur Holt, Toby Cotton, Matt Solomons, Hannah Davies, Jolyon Blackwell. Middle: Elizabeth Paull, Jack Woodward, Tawny Day, Alice Wightman. Front: Emma Suzuki, Lauren O’Kill, Stephanie Cameron, Sam Thompson, John Ragadio

Kernow Ultimate headed to Mixed Indoor Regionals in Plymouth last weekend (28th/29th) with two teams, the first of which was aiming to retain their spot at Indoor Nationals after having qualified for Nationals for the first time ever and coming 3rd in their National division last year.

Second Team

Photo Credit: John Ragadio. Image of Kernow Ultimate 2.0. Back row, left to right: Thomas Easterbrook, Chloe Hampton, Matt Solomons, Toby Cotton, Tawny Day, Jack Woodward. Middle: Lauren O’Kill, Stephanie Cameron, Alice Wightman. Front: Jake McPherson (Captain)

The second team with only two seasoned squids had a very tough match-ups against the likes of Exeter 1 and Bath 2. Although losing 13 – 2 and 12 – 0, I never saw a disappointed face. Positivity was running high which is what we want to see in the face of defeat. This led to their wins against Winchester smashing them 8 – 2 on day one, and 9 – 4 on day two.

Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament went to Jake McPherson, who did a smashing job as a first time captain making sure to keep spirit levels high, almost as high as all his D’d scoobers. However, creeping up the rear was Alice Wightman, who gets an honorary place as MVP as she was just a scoring machine cutting and dazzling the opposition with her bright blue hair.

Most Improved Player went to Chloe Hampton throwing herself into the deep zone and turning up the heat in her first Ultimate Frisbee tournament ever. It’s always great to see new faces around the club, especially when they can play exceptionally well on debut.

Whole Hog was presented to Jack Woodward because of his non-stop positivity and attitude towards the game despite not feeling well most of the weekend. Only when it was bed time did he let his cold takeover, leaving everything else on the pitch.

First Team

Photo Credit: Jake McPherson. Image of Kernow Ultimate first team. Back row, left to right: John Ragadio, Luna Tilles, Jolyon Blackwell (Captain), Arthur Holt, Hannah Davies, Sam Thompson. Front row: Elizabeth Paull, Olly Stewart, Emma Suzuki.

The First team had a very, very interesting weekend. Coming into the competition holding 5th seed (when they should have been third seed) was no easy task. The constant fear of being dropped from Nationals was looming and so they gave it they’re all. Beating Winchester 1 and Exeter 3 was a great way to start the day, finally losing to Southampton 1 for their last match on Saturday.

Day two amounted to an exhausting 6 matches. Of those the team won three and lost three. Starting the day off against Bath 1 riled them up to dominate the next 2 matches against Southampton 2 and Exeter 2. The next match was against Bath 2 who snuck away with a very close tie breaking win after the buzzer. Gutted. Thinking that they had just lost all hopes of going to Nationals they’re spirit was pretty low with many disappointed faces in sight. Until lovely Ed Hanton of Bristol reminded them that they could still make it into Nationals if they won all 3 of their next consecutive games. Their first was against UWE (University of West England) who showed great spirt and an all-round enjoyable game, only to come back to playing Bath 2 again, this time fighting back for our spot. Heartbreakingly Bath 2 snuck away with the win again in exactly the same circumstances as before. Scoring the all-important point to win after the buzzer had gone (sudden death point). Double gutted.

All that being said, it was a fantastic weekend for the team who got a little teary at the end.

Most Valuable Player went to (King) Arthur Holt who was everywhere and anywhere the team wanted him to be. He showed that you don’t need meat for energy as he proved to be the rock in our team.

Joint Most Improved Player went to Emma Suzuki and Elizabeth Paull (Queenie) who really showed off what they could do. Emma with amazing end zone cuts that led to some of our great victories, and Queenie who showed what a D (defence) powerhouse she was when she was marking the correct force.

Joint Whole Hog (players who went above and beyond during the tournament) went to Sam Thompson and Luna Tilles both of whom were non-stop over the weekend. Both playing multiple points at a time and seriously wanting the disc whenever it was available. Special shout-out to Luna for her first layout point!!

Keep posted for more updates as there are plenty more tournaments coming up which include Men’s Outdoor BUCS, Iron Fives and Club tournaments.