Kernow Ultimate at Plymouth Beginner’s Tournament!

Hannah Davies

credit: Jake McPherson | Image above is of the two beginner’s teams. Back row, left to right: Jolyon Blackwell, Matt Solomons, Thomas Easterbrook, Toby Cotton, Lauren O’Kill, Olly Stewart, Sam Johns. Front row, left to right: Arthur Holt, Alice Wightman, Tawny Day, Stephanie Cameron, Ellie Brown and David Langford.

Every year Kernow Ultimate take two beginners teams and one experienced team to Plymouth Beginner’s Tournament (a two day tournament) and this year was no exception.

Last weekend Kernow Ultimate took two beginners teams and one experienced team to the beginner’s tournament in Plymouth. In true Kernow fashion, both of the beginner’s teams were given club related team names to help them stand out from the crowd. The beginner’s team in blue t-shirts (see above photograph) were called ‘Kraken Stuff’ and the beginner’s team in red t-shirts (see above photograph) were called ‘You’ve Got To Be Squidding Me’. For those who don’t know, Kernow Ultimate’s mascot and image on their kit is a squid/kraken hence the team names. The experienced team (pictured below) were simply called FXU.

Experienced Team

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credit: Unknown Swansea Beginner | Back Row, left to right: Pol Perera, Jake McPherson, Emma Suzuki, Jimmy Jones, John Ragadio, Sam Thompson. Front Row, left to right: Elizabeth Paull, Luna Tilles and Hannah Davies.

The experienced team enjoyed a fun tournament, meeting old friends from the Frisbee world, getting back into playing Ultimate Frisbee competitively and trying out some new throws. They played eight games over the course of the weekend against players with some 10+ years’ experience in the sport with Kernow Ultimate’s most experienced player having played for only two years.

Despite this there were many laughs throughout the entire weekend and support from the side-lines which included Kernow Ultimate alumni Tom Berry.

However this weekend was mainly about the beginners so without further ado, onto the beginners teams. First up Kraken Stuff…

Kraken Stuff’s unbreakable spirit

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credit: Jake McPherson | Back row, left to right: Jolyon Blackwell (Captain 1), Sam Johns, Lauren O’Kill, Thomas Easterbrook, David Langford (Captain 2). Front row, left to right: Stephanie Cameron and Alice Wightman.

Kraken Stuff had one substitute for the entire tournament and played an amazing tournament despite losing most games. Each game they played the margin grew closer with them coming extremely close to winning numerous games only to lose out at the last moment. But never once did you see a member of the team looking disappointed, they were always smiling, upbeat and gracious to their opposition.

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credit: Jake McPherson

They played eight games over the course of the weekend. On the Saturday the first game was against the Air Badgers who won 5-3 then 3-9 to the Coalition of Cygnets, 5-3 to Scoober Divers and a draw against The Dumping Ground to end the first day. On Sunday the first game was against Fly or Dye who won 5-2 then 7-6 to Poached Eggs, 5-3 to Air Badgers and 4-3 to Bristol A.

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credit: Jake McPherson

Over the weekend new heights were reached with Sam John’s leaps for the disc, Alice Wightman’s spicy throws, Thomas Easterbrook’s great defensive force, Lauren O’Kill’s and Stephanie Cameron’s sharp  and effective cutting and the coaching, handling and defensive skills of both Captains, Jolyon Blackwell and David Langford. The improvement in the team over the weekend was incredible. Both defensive and offensive play vastly improved with players learning to force effectively and not allow any break throws or fall for any fakes and also how to make successful cuts to get free of their defenders and get the disc.

‘You’ve Got To Be Squidding Me’ reaches the finals against Bath!

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‘You’ve Got To Be Squidding Me’ played amazingly at the tournament, reaching the finals against Bath beginners (Bath Bombs) with no substitutes whilst Bath Bombs had at least four. They lost the first two games of the tournament 3-6 to Air Badgers and 1-6 to Bath Bidets but after that they remained unbeaten winning 7-1 against Flick and Morty, 5-3 against Fly and Dye, 5-3 against The Dumping Ground, 6-5 against Coalition of cygnets and 5-3 against Scoober Divers. The incredible team work and talent that got them all the wins also got them a place in the Beginner’s finals against Bath’s Bath Bombs.

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credit: Jake McPherson

Before the match even began the opposition could be heard commenting about how easy it would be to beat a team with no substitutes but boy were they mistaken as ‘You’ve got to be squidding me’ scored the first two points showing Bath Bombs that they meant business and were not going to be easily defeated.

The team had really bonded over the weekend and worked as one unit all giving 110%. There were grabs and lay outs galore from Matt Solomons and Toby Cotton, fantastic defence and cutting from Ellie Brown, amazing handler skills from Tawny Day and of course the guidance, knowledge and insane throws and defence from experienced Co-Captains, Arthur Holt and Olly Stewart. All of this made them formidable opponents.

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credit: Jake McPherson

However Bath had lots of fresh legs to bring on whilst ‘You’ve got to be squidding me’ did not and Bath Bombs slowly caught up. It was a fight til the end with Bath clearly tense and nervous at the thought of being beaten by a side that had been iron manning (no substitutes) it for the entire tournament. The game ended 5-7 to Bath Bombs but with a very happy and proud ‘You’ve got to be squidding me’ team who came an incredible 2nd out of 24 beginner teams in the tournament.

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credit: Jake McPherson

All teams thoroughly enjoyed the Beginner’s Tournament commenting that their standard of play had hugely increased and that they’d made some great new friends from other team as well as having gotten to know the more experienced players more.

On the 28th of October, Kernow Ultimate will be taking two teams to BUCS Mixed Regionals in Plymouth so keep posted and add us on Facebook, Instagram (Kernow Ultimate) or Snapchat (Kernowultimate) for more Ultimate updates!

P.S. If you would like to try Ultimate Frisbee then come along to the Penryn TISA (Located opposite Penryn College) at 7pm on Tuesdays for a two hour session with the super friendly Kernow Ultimate.