Cornwall’s Finest: A list of the top attractions and experiences in our local area

By Kate Oubridge-Egan

If you’re new to Cornwall and you don’t know the area, or if you’re a local but have run out of things to do, then look no further – what follows is a detailed list of recommendations: places to visit, food to eat, and things to do to give you a taste of the Cornish lifestyle.

Photo by Will Hollis


1.   Lizard Point

Located at the most southerly point of Britain, Lizard Point is a must-see when visiting Cornwall. With beautiful views of the Cornish coastline, a towering lighthouse, and a good old-fashioned café which serves the best hot chocolate in the South of England (in my opinion), what more could you ask for? The wonderful peninsula is managed and maintained by the National Trust all year round. Finally, the coastal walk is a good place to stretch your legs, and take in the stunning views.

2. Truro

If you’re a shopaholic then head to Truro. It is the home of chain stores as well as niche book shops and clothing retailers, but also the home of the impressive Truro Cathedral: built between 1880-1910 to a Gothic Revival design, it is visible for miles around. Truro is also easy to access via public transport, having train and bus stations in the centre of town.

3. Trebah Garden, Falmouth

This one is a hidden gem for nature lovers. Trebah is a 26-acre sub-tropical garden situated near Glendurgan Garden and above the Helford River. It is open all year round, is family friendly and has its own open-air amphitheatre which hosts numerous performances throughout the year.

4. Food:              

 The Pasty – The iconic dish of Cornwall. It has its roots in another historical industry within the county, this being mining. Did you know that the crust of the pasty is so thick because the miners would hold the crust with their hands, eat the pasty and then throw it away?

Fish and Chips – Although not strictly native to Cornwall, the county is nevertheless renowned for its delicious fish and chips. There are no shortage of fish and chips restaurants around, why not see if this tasty dish lives up to its reputation? Rick Stein’s fish and chips restaurant in Falmouth is a good place to start.

Cornish ice cream – Whatever the weather, there’s nothing like a nice chilled bowl of ice cream to brighten your spirits. Available in local food stores, ice cream parlours or supermarket shelves, it is made with real Cornish cream and simply has to be sampled.


Image by Beth Grayer


Image by Beth Grayer



On a final note, there will always be plenty to keep you occupied in Cornwall. Whether it be pottery, surfing, going to the theatre such as the cliff-side Minack Theatre (which is literally on the sea  and is simply breath-taking), or just heading down to the local pub, there’s so much at your fingertips just waiting to be discovered!



Featured Image, Lizard Point by William Hollis