Top 10 Penryn Campus Fitfinder posts

Patrick Green

The iconic ‘Penryn Campus Fitfinder’ is an essential part to Uni life here in Cornwall. Despite the occasional moan which finds its way onto the page, it is usually cuttingly funny (or at least garners a slight ‘ha’ when you’re scrolling on your phone). Nowadays it tends to be a meme page – so this ‘Top 10’ will deal with the memes, judged on; most likes, what tickled me, and the stock fitfinder posts. I’ve tried to avoid offending anyone, balancing Falmouth/Exeter slamming memes.

10. Not amazingly funny – but it was nice to see Falmouth contribute to the recent meme craze.


9. You Freshers will be enjoying the wonders of Resnet – it won’t get any better so get used to 3G in Cornwall.


8. Penryn is a strange place; charming, but silently intimidating and empty for students. An uncanny middle ground between campus and Falmouth.


7. I’m not sure if anyone thought this when coming here – gutted if you wanted to go to Streatham..


6. From 11-4 on a weekday just sit on the grass, the library will be full.


5. Everyone’s real destination on a night out is this life-giving corner.

cod on the corner

4. Club I just isn’t worth queuing for.



3. ‘Being’ Falmouth has become either a point of pride or something you actively avoid – either way…


2. Avocado jokes just don’t quite do it.


  1. ‘When you take your Falmouth mate to a CSM social’. The caption says it all.