A Guide to Socialising

By Amber Jackson


University is an incredible environment, there’s no place like it! The beautiful thing about our campus in Penryn is that no two students or lecturers are the same – we are diverse, friendly and very welcoming. Everybody is looking to enjoy themselves and meet new people. However, if socialising doesn’t come naturally to you, or perhaps you want to be involved and fully immersed in the university experience, but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start, this article aims to help you consider your many options.


The initial marathon that is your first weeks of University is unbelievable, but can also be very daunting. But don’t be discouraged, for you are surrounded by hundreds of people that are in the same position as you. You are all in a new environment, with new faces and a new bedroom – unfamiliar territory is nerve-wracking! Everybody is looking to make new friends, so leave your bedroom door open, let people come in and say hello, or knock on your flatmates doors and ask if they want to come and hang out. You’re sharing a fridge with these people for the next year – that’s pretty intimate! A happy discovery in my first year was that cooking together with the people you live with, is not only sociable, but often works out cheaper.


As well as your new flatmates, there’s people on your course to get to know. Your course is one thing you have in common already, so that’s a good start! There are always course-related events being organised and held throughout the year. Going to events such as socials, pub crawls, coffee mornings and film screenings are all great ways to get to know the soon-to-be familiar faces in your lectures and seminars for the next years of your degree. If you’re unsure or struggling to find the right event for you, your course reps and tutors will always know what’s going on, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Throughout the year there’s loads going on at the Stannary


Once the Fresher’s hype is over, it doesn’t stop there. The brilliant part about Uni life – particularly in Penryn – is that there’s always somewhere that you will meet someone and end up having a chat with. I once had a great conversation with people waiting by the washing machines – never underestimate the seemingly mundane. There is always something going on, so get involved. Societies are always putting on events, so join one that sparks your curiosity, whether it be creative, sports-related, casual or active. These groups are all across campus and always have Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages so that you can stay up-to-date. Finding something that you’re passionate about is great because chances are, the friends that you make will either share that passion, or admire it.

Cooking with your flatmates is always a laugh


If it’s not for you, University doesn’t have to be 24/7 partying. Please don’t feel overwhelmed by everything that’s thrown at you as a Fresher – you can socialise in your own way, if at all. However, if you are finding things difficult, when it comes to talking and interacting with others, there are places on our Penryn campus that can help. For instance, Student Services have a wide variety of resources and are very easy to contact, (I’ve left some links below). There is a helpdesk within The Compass building, as you walk in on the right, and the people there are available to help with any questions/concerns you may have. A recurring thing that I’ve heard students say is how careful and considerate they are, particularly when your query is a more sensitive matter. FXU are also fantastic and always ready to listen. They’re located behind The Stannary, should you need to drop in for a chat with Student Welfare, or for some general advice.


Whether you love to go to every single party and event, or would rather have a quiet night in with friends and a film, the main thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter. If you are happy and content with your university experience, that’s wonderful! It means you’re doing it right. It’s important to remember that a healthy balance between your studies and your social life is imperative. You’re allowed to have fun!






Other Useful Links:

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          FXU webpage: societies, upcoming events, etc:

o   https://www.fxu.org.uk/ents/eventlist/

o   https://www.fxu.org.uk/activities/societies/

           Student Services:

o   http://www.fxplus.ac.uk/students/student-services

o   https://www.fxu.org.uk/welfare/

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