Fresher event FestiFAL 2017 cancelled

The popular event held every year for new students known as FestiFAL has been cancelled due to a lack of sign-ups from local businesses.

This will be the first time the event has not been held since its creation in 2008.

Hanna Brixton, FXU’s Activities Director and Deputy CEO said: “FestiFAL will not be taking place this year due to an insufficient number of bookings from local businesses.

We contacted all previous participating businesses as well as new ones based in Falmouth and Penryn, however there was insufficient response to support the event. We believe that our bringing the booking deadline forward may have been a contributing factor. We have since met with a couple of venues and have a plan in place to work with local businesses with a view to supporting an event in the future. ”

The event was a chance for new students to explore the town’s bars and venues with discounts and special offers and events.

Despite the cancellation, some venues in Falmouth and Penryn will still be putting on events to welcome new students over Freshers.


(Image by Jack Matthews)